Lautrec's Guard


When you invade Knight Lautrec of Carim's world using the Black Eye Orb, Lautrec is not alone. He will be flanked by two White Phantom guards. Like Lautrec, both of them have a permanent Fall Control buff.


Anor Londo
In the world of Lautrec the Guilty, accessed by using the Black Eye Orb in the area before the Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough.


pike soldier

Pike Soldier


Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 821 0
NG+ 1,436 0
NG+6 1,795 0


Attack Pattern

The pike soldier tends to use the Pike's charging attack.




Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 719 0
NG+ 1,258 0
NG+6 1,572 0


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