Leo Ring

leo ring

In Game Description

One of the special rings granted to the four
knights of Gwyn. The Leo Ring belonged to
Ornstein the Dragonslayer.

This ring strengthens counters with pierce
weapons. His lugged spear is said
to have sliced a boulder in two.


Kill Executioner Smough first. After killing Dragon Slayer Ornstein, the ring will be lying where he died. (Note that if the game is unpatched the ring drops only by killing Ornstein first, instead of killing him last.)


Further boosts Counter damage by 40%, for a total of ~67% additional damage


  • The item description says it boosts damage with "pierce weapons", however it is not limited to working with weapons of a certain type. Any weapon that is capable of doing a straight-forward stab or poke, as opposed to a slashing motion, is capable of triggering Counter damage. All Counter damage is always boosted by the Leo Ring.


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