Lord's Blade Ciaran

Lord's Blade Ciaran


One of Gwyn's Four Knights and the group's only female member, Ciaran laid waste to Gwyn's enemies through assassination and subterfuge. She makes her appearance in Oolacile in the additional content. After the death of Knight Artorias, she is found paying her respects to her friend. She requests that the player give her the Soul of Artorias. If obliged, she gives you her two weapons, the Dark Silver Tracer and Gold Tracer.

It is implied through her dialogue, and the fact that the Hornet Ring is found behind Artorias' grave on a female corpse in the base game, that she was very close to the fallen knight and possibly had romantic feelings for him.


Royal Wood
In the room where you fought Knight Artorias. Appears only if you leave the general vicinity through loading screens (or just quit and reload the game) and you have the Soul of Artorias in your inventory.



Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 2,814 10,000
NG+ 4,418 20,000
NG+6 - -




  • Speaking to her and refusing to give her Soul of Artorias may cause her to disappear and never return for the duration of the current playthrough. If you plan to kill her, do it immediately after talking to her.
  • Ciaran will not parry the player in combat. The Gold Tracer, when equipped in the left hand, doesn't have a parrying action.
  • If you wish to kill her or simply don't care, killing her is advisable since you gain everything she gives you if you don't kill her plus her armour and you keep Artorias' soul.
  • The name Ciaran is Gaelic for "small black one". However, Ciaran is the masculine version of the name (fem. "Ciara"). Why an obviously female character has a male name is not known.
  • What appears to be her hair is actually part of her headgear.


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