Lost Izalith

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
The Bed of Chaos Solaire of Astora
Siegmeyer of Catarina
Red Titanite Slab
Red Titanite Chunk
Chaos Fire Whip
Divine Blessing x2
Twin Humanities
Soul of a Great Hero
Rare Ring of Sacrifice
Bounding Demon of Izalith
Demonic Statue
Chaos Eater
Daughter of Chaos
Prowling Demon
Chaos Bug
Black Phantom Kirk Knight of Thorns


The lost city of Izalith was once a proud place with Dravidian themed architectures and temples inside a massive cave but has long since been flooded with lava, and the Bounding Demons of Izalith guard its ruins. It is a treacherous and high-level area, and most of it can only be traversed with the Orange Charred Ring (or appropriate spells).


General notes

  • The area boss is inaccessible until the orange fog has been lifted by placing the Lordvessel.
  • There are two bonfires in this area - one right after the fight with the Centipede Demon, and a second one hidden behind an illusory wall in the base of the second dark, rectangular tower.
  • The first black tower is an excellent spot to drag the Bounding Demons of Izalith to because they can't enter and can be killed off with ranged attacks from this safe spot. They can sometimes sweep their legs in, and the only safe zone is against the back wall of the tower.
  • Some of the Bounding Demons can be shot with arrows from the shortcut passage after the player kills the Prowling Demon on it. Using a Hawk Ring is recommended.
  • Lost Izalith is flooded with demons due to the Witch of Izalith's failed attempt to recreate the First Flame using Pyromancy. The demons are the old citizens of Izalith.

Important Tips

  • Equipping the Orange Charred Ring is recommended because a majority of the area requires traversing across the lava.
  • It is recommended to keep one's armor fully repaired, having armor that has high durability, or not wearing armor at all. The constant walking through lava decreases the armor's durability rapidly. Keeping Repairbox or Repair Powder in one's inventory may prove useful.
  • The giant Bounding Demons of Izalith in this area do not respawn. They will completely ignore the player if they are not too close.


Lost Izalith Map

  1. Equip the Orange Charred Ring. From the first bonfire walk straight up to a root that leads to a large area covered in lava with a lot of Bounding Demon of Izalith. Since they do not respawn, they may be easily killed one after another with rests at the nearby bonfire in between.
  2. Scan until you find the black tower, located roughly to the right from the start of this area. Survey the area for enemies along the way to the tower or try to sprint. There are Demonic Statues at this tower and the next. Inside the tower is a chest containing a Soul of a Great Hero.
  3. Now scan the area until you see the second black tower. This tower has a hidden wall. It's the one beneath the pillar. Remove the wall, and it will reveal the second bonfire. Light it. It will prove useful because it is the last one before the boss area.
  4. Now move straight out from the newfound bonfire up to the fallen tunnel. From there, the next area can be accessed, but beware, it is full of Demonic Statues. Either kill them or run past them to the stone stairs.
  5. Atop the stairs sits a Chaos Eater. Kill it, turn right and go up the stairs. Here the player encounters the Daughter of Chaos. She will not respawn. Black Phantom Kirk, Knight of Thorns may also appear if the player is human. To avoid engaging both at once, aggro the Daughter of Chaos and draw her back to the stairs where the Chaos Eater was encountered before you get to the point where Kirk is summoned.
  6. After the stairs on your left you'll see the fog leading to the boss of this area, The Bed of Chaos - ignore this for now. Note that after defeating the boss, Lost Izalith cannot be accessed directly; the player needs to warp out through a Bonfire. Explore the area for loot before engaging the boss in battle.
  7. Continuing past the fog door leads to a dead end with a Chaos Eater guarding a chest. The chest contains the Chaos Fire Whip Pyromancy.
  8. Return to the foot of the stair where the Daughter of Chaos was encountered and take the tree root down to the lower area containing numerous Demonic Statues. Kill all the Demonic Statues while exploring. To the left of the tree root that was just descended is a collapsing floor, to the right is a bridge that leads back to the Demon Firesage boss door.
  9. The collapsible floor leads to a poison pit with a Red Titanite Slab, Red Titanite Chunk x2 and walled with Chaos Eaters. If his story has been followed, Siegmeyer of Catarina should make an appearance here. Take the time to read his story to make the most of this encounter.
  10. The bridge to the right contains a Prowling Demon who drops Demon Titanite x2. Be aware that he is particularly sturdy (he also respawns and drops Demon Titanite every time he is killed, making this a prime location to farm). It is recommended to run past him for now.
  11. Past the Prowling Demon is a Crystal lizard, Chaos Bugs, and then possibly Solaire of Astora before reaching the shortcut

Shortcut to Lost Izalith from Demon Ruins

The shortcut to Lost Izalith is in Demon Ruins just outside the room where the Demon Firesage boss was encountered. Facing the room, look to the right at a hole in the wall. Use the tree roots to reach the ground floor and then go to the end of the long hall to find a locked door.

To unlock that door from Demon Ruins, join the covenant of the Chaos Servant and level that covenant to +2 rank. That will require 30 Humanity to raise the covenant that high. After advancing to +2 rank in the covenant, the locked door can be accessed. Using this shortcut makes the Demon Firesage and Centipede Demon optional. However, it is not needed to be in the covenant to open the door from Lost Izalith, so the only reason to join the Chaos Servant covenant is to open the door sooner or to complete the saving Solaire quest (this can also be done without entering the covenant, check Solaire of Astora page for more details).

However, the circular area in the cavern beyond Quelaag's Domain adjacent to the Quelaag's Sister area will unlock as an elevator after defeating the Demon Firesage. It descends to the stairway area connected to Centipede's lair and with a short drop to Firesage's lair, providing inside access to the whole Demon Ruins as well as a critical short cut to Izalith; this makes backtracking with the Orange Charred Ring to get the Chaos Flame Ember convenient and returning to the area is quicker with the warp associated with this covenant.

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