Mask of the Mother
Mask of the Mother

In-Game Description

One of the three masks of the Pinwheel,
the necromancer who stole the power of the
Gravelord, and reigns over the Catacombs.

This mask, belonging to the kindly mother,
slightly raises HP.


Possible drop from Pinwheel in The Catacombs and the respawning Pinwheel Servants in front of Gravelord Nito's fog at the end of Tomb of the Giants

Sold by Patches if he becomes a vendor in Firelink Shrine for 8,000 souls

General Description

Raises maximum HP by 10%

For early builds that use the mask, use the strategy detailed on Pinwheel's page for defeating him immediately after reaching the Firelink Shrine. It's roughly a five minute investment after starting a new game file, so if Pinwheel doesn't drop the mask needed for the build, one can easily start over and try again.

Image Name Physical Defense Elemental Defense Resistance Poise Durability Weight Frampt Souls
mask-of-the-mother.png Mask of the Mother 6/6/6/6 12/6/8 10/0/0 0 200 1.2 100


Cannot be upgraded


Physical Defense:

The Physical Defense attribute adds to player defense to dictate how resilient the player is to a certain physical damage type (Damage Formula). The physical stats for a piece of armor are W / X / Y / Z:

  • W is Normal Damage
  • X is Striking Damage
  • Y is Slashing Damage
  • Z is Thrusting Damage
Elemental Defense:

The Elemental Defense attribute adds to player Defense to dictate how resilient the player is to a certain elemental damage type. The elemental stats for a piece of armor are X / Y / Z:

  • X is Magical Damage
  • Y is Fire Damage
  • Z is Lightning Damage

The Resistance attribute adds to player Resistance to dictate how resilient the player is to status ailments. The properties for a piece of armor are X / Y / Z:

  • X is Bleed Resistance
  • Y is Poison Resistance
  • Z is Curse Resistance
Poise: The Poise attribute adds to the player's poise value. A higher poise value allows the player to not be interrupted or staggered when hit by more attacks.
Durability: The durability of the armor. The effectiveness of the armor will severely deteriorate when the durability falls below 30% and again when it reaches 0%.
Weight: The weight of the piece of armor. Note that equipping over certain amounts of equip burden may alter movement and roll speed, as well as other factors when playing the game.
FramptSouls: This is the amount of souls players will receive if they feed the item to Kingseeker Frampt
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