Master Key


In Game Description

This universal key opens any basic lock.
Tool of the trade for thieves.

But in the cursed land of the Undead,
most doors are better left unopened.


Unlockable Doors

Location Path Original Key Notes
Undead Burg Door behind three Hollow Warriors atop the stairs past the bridge with the firebombing Hollow Warriors. Residence Key Leads to a chest with 3 Gold Pine Resin.
Undead Burg After climbing the stairs to the tower leading to the Taurus Demon, go straight through the door opposite the path you came Watchtower Basement Key Leads down to hostile NPC Havel the Rock.
Door behind Havel opens to the bottom of Darkroot Basin where the Crystal Golems are.
Undead Parish Lautrec's cell. Mystery Key Only useful if you sequence break by using the Valley of Drakes shortcut, because the Mystery Key is found along the path to Undead Parish.
Depths Opens the door to the only bonfire in the area. Sewer Chamber Key Early access to the bonfire if you don't drop down the chute to the Giant Undead Rat.
Sen's Fortress Opens the cages in the hidden area behind the sleeping Serpent Soldier Cage Key Early access to Big Hat Logan.
New Londo Ruins Opens the door to the Valley of Drakes. Key to New Londo Ruins Early access to Astora's Straight Sword and Dragon Crest Shield.
This particular shortcut enables massive sequence breaking (see below)

New Game Plus

Once you have this key, it remains with you when you enter NG+


  • Even though the Master Key can open the door leading to the 3 Gold Pine Resins, it can't open the door where Griggs is trapped.
  • Having this key for your first run through of the game can make some situations easier but keep in mind that there are still a number of Special Keys still required for access to all areas.

Sequence Breaking

The Valley of Drakes shortcut is not only the first door that can be opened with the Master Key, it's also the most important. It enables you to sequence break, gaining useful loots and making several areas (and its bosses) optional.

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