Moonlight Butterfly
Moonlight Butterfly


Large magical butterfly created by Seath the Scaleless from magic. Capable of several ranged magic-based attacks but very limited close range capabilities.


Darkroot Garden
At the end of the area accessible by going through the corridor near the Crest of Artorias door.

Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 1,506 10,000
NG+ 3,449 40,000
NG+2 - 42,801
NG+3 - 44,000
NG+6 4,311 50,000



Witch Beatrice
Under the stairs leading up to the boss, hidden under a bush, roll through it to reveal the sign.

Attack Patterns

  • Slow-moving, homing missiles.
  • Multiple fast moving spear like missiles, 2 waves in rapid succession.
  • Beam attack.
  • Additional attack when its HP drops below 50%: flies over the bridge and fires a blue orb that explodes on impact with the floor.


  • You cannot do damage at the start of the fight until it has sat still and all it's tendrils "spasm" in place, showing that it can now take damage.
  • Does entirely magic damage, so wear your best Magic defence gear
  • Intentionally encumber yourself to stay down longer when rolling
  • You can alternatively use the Dark Wood Grain Ring to roll quickly
  • Gold Pine Resin is effective against the butterfly, but probably a waste on this boss.
  • Acquire the Crest Shield as it has 80% magic block makes this fight much easier. Alternately, the Caduceus Round Shield and Warrior's Round Shield sports a decent 65% damage reduction
  • Having the Grass Crest Shield to boost stamina regeneration and sticking to dodging also works
  • Summon Witch Beatrice at the bottom of the stairs. Equip a shield with high magic resistance and just let Beatrice kill the boss by herself while you block its attacks.

Melee Strategy

The butterfly flies around shooting soul arrow-like projectiles until it lands and allows melee players to hit it. Two-hand your weapon as it poses absolutely no threat during this phase. After a while (~8-10 seconds) it will start to glow - that's your clue that it is about to radiate a damaging magical pulse, then take off again. The butterfly's regular magic attacks can take some practice to dodge. One launches multiple quick projectiles and another slower, green, homing projectiles. Here it's recommended that you strafe back and forth in front of the butterfly while it's flapping.

The quick multi-projectile attack is harder to dodge than the homing one. In general, as soon as you see the butterfly flash, you want to be backing away to one side of it with your shield up. With luck, the quick multi-projectile attack will miss you as you're strafing away, though you may wind up blocking one or both hits. The homing magic projectiles are easily dodged without fail if you strafe one direction and roll the other direction immediately before impact.
Resist your urge to stay far away and try and dodge incoming shots, as this will guarantee that all 3 homing shots have time to focus in on you and hit you.
The butterfly will start throwing a large blue attack down at you as it flies overhead once it's below roughly half life.

Pyromancer Strategy

Try standing directly under her and use fireballs, fire orbs, or any ranged pyromancy you have.
The butterfly is weakest to fire, just make sure you only attack between it's attacks.

Warrior of Sunlight Strategy

If you've joined the Warrior of Sunlight covenant, this boss fight becomes very easy. Equip the Lightning Spear miracle, target the boss, then fry the overgrown moth in seconds. It likely won't be able to get many attacks out due to the speed and range of the lightning spears, just don't get cocky and be sure to dodge when it does attack.

Fog Gate cover Strategy

When the boss comes over to your side of the bridge, run as fast as possible to the side with the other fog gate. Once here, the boss shouldn't come back over to you if you are backed against the wall. This makes dodging the magic missiles and spears a lot easier by just dodge rolling for the missiles or moving for the spears. Once the boss comes in for the face bomb, run as fast as you can to it and wail on it (jumping attack is recommended). Once it starts shooting the bomb from overhead at you, when it is near you dodge roll forward and you should avoid it flawlessly.

Ranged Strategy


If you don't have access to spells, you can just use a crossbow or a bow.
Stay close to the wall in which the boss is nearest, This makes dodging the fast moving missiles easy and sometimes unnecessary. Shoot arrows while locked onto the boss and dodge if needed. Use arrows as the butterfly is starting to land. Once landed the butterfly can be attacked several times with a melee until the blast attack. Once the butterfly's face starts to light up with an aura quickly break lock-on and sprint either left or right (Which ever way you can get further from it.) Boss should take minimal flasks and be a brief fight.


When fighting this boss, if you still have your Black Firebombs and firebombs left over, you can deal 158 with black firebombs and 103 with regular firebombs. Approximately 10-15 depending which you use will win you this fight before she even has a chance to land.
You can purchase firebombs cheaply from the Undead Merchant Male in the Undead Burg

NG+ Strategy

You can use the butterflies own weapons against itself in NG+
If you create the Crystal Ring Shield you can just spam the projectile attack on it, using repair powder if needed.
Combined with the 90% magic block on the shield, this fight is made even easier.


  • If you have summoned a phantom to help with this boss, near the end of the fight the butterfly will turn so that its back is towards the bridge. It can then fly into the forest, completely out of range of any sorceries or arrows, leaving you stuck on the bridge. After 10 to 20 minutes the butterfly dies on its own.
  • This can happen even if no phantom has been summoned. After the first "laser" attack, instead of flying up to the bridge to rest the butterfly flew through the forest, clipping with the terrain. It did not return.
  • It is possible for the Moonlight Butterfly to get stuck on the tower to your right, as you enter. It will be unable to attack you, though you can hit it with arrows. It may then glitch out further and fly off into the forest, never to be seen again.
  • When being summoned for this fight on PC or PS3, the butterfly may glitch and be unable to hit you on your screen. However, it can still kill the summoner.
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