Mushroom Child
Mushroom Child


The Mushroom child is a smaller version of the Mushroom Parent, though much weaker and with different attacks.


Darkroot Garden
At the area between Alvina's building and the stone bridge leading to Sif's arena. Non-hostile. If you attack them, they'll just run away.
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 633 50
NG+ 1,070 150
NG+6 1,338 188
The Great Hollow
At the bottom of the great hollow archtree, with the giant mushroom platforms, near the entrance to Ash Lake. They're accompanied by some Mushroom Parents.
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 662 50
NG+ 1,086 100
NG+6 1,357 125


Attack Damage Damage Type Parry Tracking (left/right) Speed
Punch 229/0/0 Strike No Neither Medium
Trip 233/0/0 Strike No Neither Fast


Gold Pine Resin - uncommon


  • They can be backstabbed. Use this to your advantage as those in the Darkroot Garden will run away once attacked, exposing their back.
  • Watch out for their trip attack, it can take you by surprise as they fall down and give you a headbutt. It's very quick with no telegraph.


  • When in Ash Lake, using the Chameleon sorcery will turn you into a Mushroom Child.
  • The sound that Mushroom Children sometimes make when they die is the call of the common loon
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