Introduction and Disclaimer

The overall mysterious nature of Dark Souls, and lack of detailed in-game explanations, often allows myths to spread about the game. However, it's difficult to know which myths are commonly believed and which are just one-off, factually false statements that have been found in a random discussion online. As such, this page uses some arbitrary discretion on the behalf of its contributors to decide which "myths" are worth addressing.

If a reader believes the assessment of these to be incorrect, even partially, please contribute evidence or documentation.

Alternatively, for lore-related theories and speculation, please visit the the SoulsLore wiki.

Weapon & Stat Mechanics

Myth Status Misc
More strength means a faster swing. FALSE
More dexterity allows for faster running
and roll farther.
FALSE See Dark Wood Grain Ring, which allows the player to cartwheel and has been confused for high dex.
After upgrading the Pyromancy Flame,
raising Intelligence increases the damage
Pyromancy spells and punch do.
FALSE Refer to this video for more details

NPC Interactions & Story Progression

Myth Status Misc
Greatsword of Artorias can be acquired and Sif can be spared. FALSE Sif cannot be spared, killing him is required to complete the game. His soul can be used to forge the Greatsword of Artorias, however.
The pendant affects the story. FALSE The pendant can be traded to Snuggly for a Souvenir of Reprisal. Miyazaki confirmed that it has no use, and that he "intended to play a prank."
There are are more than two endings. FALSE There are only two endings.

Multiplayer Mechanics

Myth Status Misc
Being in NG+ or higher is required to see
the Gravelord Black Phantoms created by
Gravelord Servants.
MOSTLY-TRUE There have been reports of rare exceptions where the extra enemies have appeared in regular NG. However, testing1 has shown that it
can't be replicated reliably, while it works consistently in NG+ and beyond. In an interview, Miyazki vaguely confirmed that NG+ as a
requirement for seeing the extra enemies is "almost true".
The Forest of Darkroot Garden is without
level restrictions.
FALSE The Cat Covenant Ring has the same level restrictions as the Red Sign Soapstone. A Forest Hunter invader may invade other players far
above their level (all the way to the max level of 713) and a little bit below, but not far below2.
Upvoting messages created by the
Orange Guidance Soapstone will grant the
message creator a soft-humanity.
UNDETERMINED Likely false. A +1 rating on a message has been confirmed to not reward anything. However, it is unknown if receiving a higher number
of votes will reward the message creator at a specific amount of votes.
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