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After the ending of the game a new game will start. This is called New Game Plus (NG+). New Game Plus begins after you have defeated the final boss, Gwyn, Lord Of Cinder. The game begins again, allowing you to keep most of your gear and items, but with increased difficulty. After NG+ is completed, the game will continue onto NG+2 with slightly increased difficulty again. This continues all the way to "New Game Plus 6" (NG++++++).

  • After the seventh playthrough is completed, the game will no longer increase in difficulty after it restarts. NG+7 and any subsequent playthroughs are a repeat of NG+6. It is a common misconception that NG+7 is the highest difficulty.
  • The most significant change is between the first playthrough and NG+. Once NG+2 is reached, the increases become much smaller and less significant with each subsequent playthrough. The differences between NG+ and NG+6 are smaller than those between NG and NG+.

Newgame Lifecycles

Title Full Title Description Enemy HP/ Souls
1st NG "New Game" This is the first playthrough of the game. Regular NG values
2nd NG+ "New Game +" Begins after beating the game for the 1st time. Enemy HP and Souls increase by inconsistent amounts.
3rd NG+2 "New Game ++" Begins after beating the game for the 2nd time. Enemy HP and Souls are 7% greater than NG+ values.
4th NG+3 "New Game +++" Begins after beating the game for the 3rd time. Enemy HP and Souls are 10% greater than NG+ values.
5th NG+4 "New Game ++++" Begins after beating the game for the 4th time. Enemy HP and Souls are 14% greater than NG+ values.
6th NG+5 "New Game +++++" Begins after beating the game for the 5th time. Enemy HP and Souls are 19% greater than NG+ values.
7th NG+6 "New Game ++++++" Begins after beating the game for the 6th time. Enemy HP and Souls are 25% greater than NG+ values.
  • A single formula cannot be applied to the increase in enemy HP and Souls between NG and NG+. This is because they increase by inconsistent amounts, usually corresponding to the location.
    • In NG+, enemy HP is between 1.54x to 2.7x of NG values, while souls dropped are between 2x to 5x NG values.
    • Damage and defense changes are applied as well, from NG to NG+, enemy's Attack Rating is between 1.37x to 2.4x of NG values, and defenses between 0.97x to 1.7x of NG values.
    • Additionally, from NG+1 to NG+6, all enemy's defense is multiplied by (1+4.2%*(#GameCycle-2)), after which it stays at a constant 1.21x multiplier.
  • Starting with NG+2, subsequent playthroughs have enemy HP and Soul amounts that scale consistently off of NG+ values.

What changes?

What stays the same?

  • Enemy behavior remains the same, but with higher stamina and damage output, they may appear to be more aggressive at times.
  • You keep your equipment, stats, souls, and items (except for the items mentioned above).
  • Your Estus Flask level stays the same.
  • You keep your covenant and rank.
  • Bonfires keep their status. Bonfires kindled three times in the first playthrough will have the same status in NG+ and provide the same number of flasks.
  • Oscar, Knight of Astora gives you the Big Pilgrim's Key regardless of New Game iteration, after you've killed the Asylum Demon.


  • Since you keep your stats and equipment, it should be pretty easy to kill the Asylum Demon in NG+ and collect the Demon's Great Hammer.
  • If you completed the game with decent equipment, the earlier parts of the game are typically considered easier in NG+. Despite the greater difficulty, having upgraded gear generally outweighs the extra damage and HP of enemies. Players typically first experience a much more noticeable challenge when reaching areas like Anor Londo and beyond.

NG+ Checklist

Things to do or collect in each playthrough. This list includes items or actions you can only do a limited amount of times each playthrough, such as purchase a spell, collect a ring, or trade with Snuggly the Crow before the new game+ / ++ etc.

  • Upgrade your playstyle's main weapons and armors to face tougher opponents in NG+
    • Blacksmiths lose their forging abilities in NG+ until you re-collect Embers, so upgrade your main weapons before you face the last boss
    • Upgrade all weapons and shields you will need to make Boss Soul Items
  • Kill all optional Bosses for their souls and item drops
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