NPC invaders

When playing the game, the player may be invaded if certain parameters are met. While invaded by characters or other players, Fog Doors appear in the general area and it becomes impossible to exit the game through the in-game menu.

Invaders are still mortal to environmental hazards and it is possible to bait a Player Invader towards the Hellkite Bridge and have the Drake incinerate the Invader with its initial fly-by attack. Also, Invaders are not immune to the lava in Lost Izalith or the poison swamps in Blighttown and players can lure Invaders into these hazards to kill them slowly.

Once the process of invading another world is initiated, it cannot be cancelled, with the exception of dying or exiting the game.



Kirk, Knight of Thorns: Invades near the exit from the Basilisks and may drop Barbed Straight Sword and/or Spiked Shield.


Maneater Mildred: In the Swamp, triggered by walking in the area near the bonfire. Drops the Butcher Knife.

Painted World of Ariamis:

Xanthous King, Jeremiah: drops the Notched Whip, around the area with impaled hollows and three lootable corpses.

Tomb of the Giants:

Paladin Leeroy: After the last bonfire, and before Gravelord Nito. Triggered when walking into the cave area. Drops the hammer Grant and the shield Sanctus.

Demon Ruins:

Kirk, Knight of Thorns: Invades on the ledge right before the Capra Demon congregation. May drop Barbed Straight Sword and/or Spiked Shield. Kirk does not invade here if the Lordvessel has not been placed yet.

Lost Izalith:

Kirk, Knight of Thorns: Spawns next to the Fog Door leading to the Bed of Chaos. May drop Barbed Straight Sword and/or Spiked Shield.

Oolacile Township:

Marvelous Chester: Spawns down the stairs near the first Bloathead Sorcerer (which is part of the Artorias of the Abyss DLC).

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