Orange Charred Ring

orange charred ring

In Game Description

An orange ring enchanted by a witch.
Reduces lava damage.

Since his sores were inflamed by lava
from birth, his witch sisters gave him
this special ring. But fool that he is,
he readily dropped it, and from that spot,
a terrible centipede demon was born.


  • Reduces 80% of lava damage
  • Adds a small amount of Fire damage to kicking attacks and damage to enemies from falling on them, without using a plunging attack


Defeat the Centipede Demon boss battle located in Demon Ruins


  • This ring cannot be traded with other players, it will be invisible to them
  • Orange Charred Ring doesn't carry over to NG+
  • It's not necessary to kill Centipede Demon in order to get the ring. If you hit its tail, a small worm will fall off. Kill this worm and you'll get the ring
  • The fire damage added to the kick can be increased with Power Within, but Red Tearstone Ring, Channeler's Trident, and Dragon Torso Stone's buff will not increase the damage added
  • When paired with Flash sweat and the Flame Stoneplate ring, fire damage taken becomes nil.
  • If you lose this ring, it'll show up in the treasure chest behind Kingseeker Frampt in Firelink Shrine.
  • The shortcut opened up through the Chaos Servant covenant lets you skip the lava filled sections of the Demon Ruins. This ring therefore isn't technically mandatory to complete the game, however it still shows up in the chest in Firelink Shrine when the player loses it.
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