Oswald of Carim
oswald of carim


A pardoner serving Velka, Goddess of Sin. He can absolve your sin for a cost, and is the only NPC capable of doing so.


Undead Parish
Appears on the bottom floor of the bell tower at the top of the Undead Church in Undead Parish after ringing the bell. Is standing with arms spread out (looks like a broken T pose model) looking straight ahead.


  • One of two merchants that can remove curses in the game with Purging stone. His purging stone is 3,000 souls cheaper than the Female Undead Merchant.
  • He can absolve your sins for the cost of 500 per soul level. Use the "Request Absolution" option on his dialogue menu. See Absolution for more information.
  • Allows you to abandon your Covenant, though your covenant offerings will still be halved, just the same as if you leave a covenant without Oswald's help.
  • Teaches the "Well! What is it?" Gesture.


Item Soul Cost Description
Purging stone x5 3,000 Remove curses caused by Basilisks in depths or Seath the Scaleless in Crystal Cave.
Indictment 200 Used to indict invaders if you are killed when they invaded. Only need one in inventory; it can be used any number of times.
Book of the Guilty x1 1,000 List of players who have sinned, and will later face the Blade of the Darkmoon covenant members.
Karmic Justice 40,000 Miracle, Temporary auto counter vs heavy damage.
Velka's Talisman 5,000 The only Talisman that scales with INT.
Bloodbite Ring x1 10,000 Increases bleeding/blood loss resistance.
Poisonbite Ring x1 15,000 Increases poison resistance.
Ring of Sacrifice x10 5,000 The wearer will not lose souls or humanity upon death, but the ring itself will break after you die.
Homeward Bone 500 Returns the player to the last bonfire used.


Playthrough HP Souls
First 638 2,000
NG+ 1,595 10,000
NG+6 1,993 12,500




  • It is not recommended to kill Oswald, he has cheap Purging Stones and you can request absolution if you sinned.
  • Likely a reference to the corrupt pardoner in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, who pardons people of their sins for a high price.

Attack Pattern

  • At about half health, he will start to cast a healing miracle.
  • Will attempt to parry you, then riposte for massive damage.


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