Painting Guardian
Painting Guardian


White robed warriors guarding the giant painting in Anor Londo. For many generations they have guarded the painting, but they can no longer remember their reason for doing so.


Anor Londo
Inside the building with the giant painting. They'll still be there even in dark Anor Londo (by killing Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight).
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 230 300
NG+ 404 900
NG+6 505 1,125


Attack Pattern

  • Throwing Knives - they'll start throwing these the moment they notice you
  • Sword slashes - they use the same moveset as the Painting Guardian Sword, and like the sword, they build up bleed when hit
  • Backstab - they won't circle you, but they can backstab you for massive damage when they're behind you


  • Sometimes they'll switch their left-hand weapon with a Target Shield, making them capable of blocking your attacks.
  • Kill them one by one. Two guardians fighting you raises your chance getting your guard broken, as they attack relentlessly and their combo attack can kill you easily.
  • When you come from inside the painting, you'll be facing their backs. You can easily backstab them one by one.
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