Parasite Egg
egg head infection
Second stage of infection

In Game Description

An egg implanted on the head by a type of
parasite bearing eggs on its back.

The nightmare begins with a slight itch on
the head, and soon the parasite will be
siphoning the souls of slain enemies.
Unless you find this amusing, quickly
use Egg Vermifuge to purge it.


A unique condition caused by infection from Vile Maggots that infest Egg Carriers.

Getting Infected

  • Stand in close proximity to a hostile Egg Carrier and allow yourself to get hit by their grab attack.
  • 5 minutes and 20 seconds after being grabbed, the Parasite Egg will bloom.

Stages of Infection/Use

First Stage

If infected successfully by the above method, the player character will occasionally scratch their head while standing still.

  • The character will first scratch their head after two minutes. After that, they will scratch their head every 10 seconds.
  • The head scratching can be avoided by moving or doing something else while it would normally occur, but if the scratching animation begins, it can't be interrupted.

Second Stage

Five minutes and twenty seconds after being grabbed by the Egg Carrier, the player character's head will erupt into a lumpen mass, leaving them unable to wear head armor or use the Dragon Head Stone or Dragon Torso Stone.

  • While in this state, you can speak to Eingyi and he will become friendly. He'll give you an Egg Vermifuge, and will now sell you Egg Vermifuges and pyromancies.
  • In this state the amount of souls you gain from kills will be halved, the other half being absorbed by the egg head. Note that souls gained from using Soul items, including boss souls, are not halved but still count towards advancing to the final stage.

Final Stage

After about 100,000 souls have been absorbed by the egg head, it will evolve to its final stage. It has a slightly different shape.

  • In this state, the player character's kick attack will be replaced by a larva biting attack.
  • Half of all souls from kills will continue to be consumed by the egg head.

Curing the Infection

Consume an Egg Vermifuge.


  • The special biting attack does NOT infect other player characters with the parasite.
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