Parasitic Wall Hugger
Parasitic Wall Hugger


A huge tentacled enemy hugging a wall, guarding a powerful Pyromancy spell. The wall hugger has its mouth positioned at the end of a ramp because it is, presumably, consuming runoff from The Depths. It only attacks the player if approached closely and will not leave its spot.


Past the first Bonfire when approaching from The Depths, outside the vertical tunnel.
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 593 1,000
NG+ 1,140 3,000
NG+6 1,425 3,750




  • Claw stab at close range
  • Spinning Claw swipe at close range



Magic or arrows (especially poison and fire) work well. This creature cannot counter.


Enter the well behind it, and attack it from behind where it can't attack you. You will have to kill an Infested Barbarian and more undead on your way through the well.


  • Guards the Power Within Pyromancy on a corpse in front of it. It is much safer to kill the Parasitic Wall Hugger in order to loot this Pyromancy. However you can obtain Power Within without killing it if you are quick/lucky enough.
  • Attacking it can be confusing. It provides no visual nor audio clue as to whether the hit landed or not, also its health bar is situated high above its body and therefore cannot be seen unless you're looking right above it. This may lead you to wonder if the hits are registering properly. They are, keep attacking.
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