"Trusty" Patches makes a return visit to the Dark Souls universe in style, making up for a nice reminiscence for all Demon's Souls players. He's a thief, preying on unsuspecting victim by kicking them down a pit. He (still) hates clerics.


The Catacombs
Next to the lever of the second spiked bridge. He will only be encountered in the Catacombs if you go there before Rhea and her group make their way down into the Tomb of the Giants (check her page for additional information) AND before you kill Pinwheel. After either of those occur, he will move on to the Tomb. However, seeing him in the Catacombs is not required for him to become a vendor.

Tomb of the Giants
Near the first bonfire.

Firelink Shrine
After you have killed Gravelord Nito, if given the right answer when encountered in the Tomb of the Giants (see below). His location will be just past Kingseeker Frampt to the left, just before you head into the cemetery area of the Shrine. He should be squatting by a wall.


  • Depending on your answer when you meet him in the Tomb of the Giants, he may return to the Firelink Shrine as a vendor after defeating Nito. He sells cleric equipments.
  • Teaches "Prostration" Gesture.

Getting Patches to Sell You Wares

When first encountered, at either location, he will ask if you are a cleric.

  • If you answer with "Yes" he will trick you (by reflipping the bridge in the Catacombs while you're on it, or by luring you to the side of a pit then kicking you down in the Tomb of the Giants). Upon your return from his death trap, he will still be there. If you speak to him, he will turn hostile and will never go to Firelink shrine so simply do not speak to him. In order for him to sell you wares, ignore him after being dropped and he will be friendly once you get to the Firelink Shrine.
  • If you answer with "No" he will still trick you, but upon talking to him for a second time after being dropped, he will ask you whether or not you two can still get along after what he's done.


Item Soul cost Description
Eye of Death(x3) 3,000 Used by Gravelord Servants to put a curse.
Divine Blessing(x1) 20,000
Prism Stone 10
Humanity(x3) 10,000
Twin Humanities(x1) 20,000
Heal 5,000
Great Heal Excerpt 10,000
Crescent Axe(x1) 10,000
Mace 3,000
Canvas Talisman 1,000 Starting equipment of Cleric class.
Thorolund Talisman 5,000
Mask of the Father 8,000
Mask of the Mother 8,000
Mask of the Child 8,000
Cleric Helm 5,000
Cleric Armor 7,000
Cleric Gauntlets 5,000
Cleric Leggings 5,000


The Catacombs
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 821 2,000
NG+ 1,797 8,000
NG+6 2,247 10,000
Tomb of the Giants
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 821 2,000
NG+ 1,346 4,000
NG+6 1,682 5,000
Firelink Shrine
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game - 2,000
NG+ - -
NG+6 - -




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