Path of the Dragon


These dragon apostles worship the ancient dragons. Now, they seek Dragon Scales scattered across the world and presents it to the sole surviving member of the Everlasting Dragons for the purpose of transcending life itself, attainable by transforming into an ancient dragon themselves.


This covenant is mostly for collecting Dragon Scales to upgrade dragon weapons while enjoying PvP duels, and for unique playstyle utilizing dragon metamorphosis. Members are provided with a PvP item that allows them to challenge other players to duels, with Dragon Scales being awarded to the winner.


There are no base requirements for joining.

How to Join

Talk to the Stone Dragon at the end of The Great Hollow/Ash Lake path.


Covenant Level

Exchange Dragon Scales to level up in this covenant.
Level Required Dragon Scales Reward
+0 0 Dragon Eye, Dragon Head Stone
+1 10 Stronger flame for Dragon Head Stone
+2 30 Dragon Torso Stone, stronger flame for Dragon Head Stone
+3 80 Stronger flame for Dragon Head Stone, Stronger buff for Dragon Torso Stone

Duel Rules

For members

  • You never lose any Dragon Scales when dueling against other members of this covenant.
  • You lose your human form when you lose against someone who you have invited for a duel.
  • When you lose in a duel as a guest, you are returned to the last bonfire you rested at with all your souls, humanities, and human form unchanged.
  • In the case of a tie both players are awarded a Dragon Scale after the duel.
  • If an invasion is won, the host has the option for indictment, even though you were summoned for an honorable fight.

For non-members

  • When other players are being invaded by a member of this covenant, they won't lose any Dragon Scales in case of defeat.
  • When non-members of this covenant win against a member, they will be awarded a Dragon Scale.

Unofficial Gathering Place

Although you can place the Dragon Eye in various places, the unofficial areas most people place it in are:

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