Petrus of Thorolund
Petrus of Thorolund


Petrus is a cleric of the Way of White from Thorolund. He guards Princess Rhea who's on a pilgrimage to find the Rite of Kindling, along with her other bodyguards, Vince and Nico. The first time you meet him, he'll be alone in the Firelink Shrine, waiting for Rhea to arrive.

His storyline connects with Rhea's. Check her page for more information.


Firelink Shrine
Among the ruins up to the right in a room leading towards the Undead Parish shortcut lift.


  • Gifts a Copper Coin after talking to him the second time.
  • Offers information about the Undead Mission for 100 souls per soul level.
  • Allows you to join Way of White covenant.
  • Teaches basic Miracles if you're in the Way of White covenant. The miracles he sells are more expensive than Rhea's.
  • Teaches "Shrug" Gesture.


Item Soul Cost Uses Req.
Slots Description
Heal 4,000 5 12 1 Heals a small amount of HP.
Great Heal Excerpt 10,000 1 14 1 Heals a large amount of HP.
Seek Guidance 2,000 1 12 1 Show more online hints.
Force 4,000 21 12 1 This quickly-acting miracle inflicts no damage, but propels foes back and defends against arrows.
Homeward 8,000 1 18 1 Return to last used bonfire, similar to the Homeward Bone item.
Talisman 1,000 - 10 - Used for casting miracles with MagAdjust of 118.
Thorolund Talisman 5,000 - 10 - Used for casting miracles with fixed MagAdjust of 165.


Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 594 1,000
NG+ 1,603 5,000
NG+6 2,004 6,250




  • If the player talks to Knight Lautrec of Carim he will offer a tip / information to the player for souls based upon soul level. He tells the player about how the lady and two companions went down to The Catacombs and got attacked, while Petrus escaped and left the others behind. If the player talks to Petrus after this, he will tell his side of the story and about how the lady is left alone and her companions have been turned to hollow. (A hint to the player to explore The Catacombs next)
  • Speaking to Oswald of Carim after Rhea has left firelink shrine and using the talk action on him will give you another hint that he isn't the good little cleric that he may seem to be, as Oswald claims that you and he would get along as he too is "drenched in sin".
  • Unfortunately killing him will make you sin.
  • Killing Petrus prior to Rhea of Thorolund's arrival to Firelink Shrine will cause her and her bodyguards, Vince and Nico of Thorolund, to attack you on sight.
  • (Bug) Killing Petrus after saving Rhea may make her disappear from your playthrough entirely.
  • You don't have to join Way of White to access Petrus' miracles. Once Rhea arrives he will let you look at them without joining the covenant. Also, if you do join the covenant but then leave you will still have access to his miracles.
  • Equipped with a unique version of the Elite Cleric Set which contains no item names or descriptions and cannot be equipped on female characters.
  • This NPC has unused dialogue lines.


  • One thrust attack from a strong fire weapon agitates Petrus immediately, so his agitation may have an HP-based threshold.
  • He uses a Morning Star, which will cause bleeding.
  • Backstabbing him is not difficult, and he has a low resistance to magic. Three hits from Great Soul Arrow finished him off.
  • He will also heal himself, but it is a slow miracle.


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