A flying, multi-masked necromancer who stole the power of the Gravelord and reigns over the Catacombs. Spawns multiple copies of itself and attacks the player with projectile blasts.


The Catacombs
At the end of the area, after the Skeleton Wheel valley.

Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 1,326 15,000
NG+ 2,691 60,000
NG+6 - 75,000



Paladin Leeroy
On the ledge overlooking Skeleton Wheels' area, near the corpse with a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier.


  • It is possible to skip Pinwheel by using an exploit:
    1. Enter the coffin which brings you to the Gravelord Servant covenant.
    2. From there, use a Homeward Bone.
    3. Quit the game during the loading screen.
    4. If you load that character, you should end up right at the beginning of Tomb of the Giants.
    5. From there, you can turn around and fight Pinwheel, or simply continue down the Tomb of the Giants.


  • Fire

Attack Patterns

Pinwheel teleports around the arena and will create copies of himself throughout the fight which fire magic projectiles at the player continuously. The true Pinwheel will also perform these magic attacks. Pinwheel will begin by typically spawning only two copies of himself at a time, although as the fight progresses he will start spawning 6-8 copies.


Charge the true Pinwheel as soon as the battle starts and never stop attacking him. He will create copies of himself, and then teleport away from you. Do the same when he appears again and try to lock on to the real one before he spawns his clones. Make sure not to let your stamina drop too low and he should go down fairly quickly, especially if you're using an upgraded Fire or Chaos weapon.

If you wish to kill Pinwheel immediately after first arriving to the Firelink Shrine, simply REVERSE HOLLOW and sprint down to Paladin Leeroy's summon sign using the shortcut. Summon Paladin Leeroy and jump down to the intermediate level before the final cavern floor. After Leeroy takes the attention of the Skeleton Wheels sprint to the fog-door and enter. Leeroy should eventually make his way through. Pinwheel will die after 3-4 2H swings from Leeroy's mace so your job is to deal with the phantoms he spawns, each of which disappear after a single hit from anything. Contain the phantoms, stay healed up after every fireball you take, and let Leeroy do the heavy lifting. Or if you don't want to be the sidekick, just have Leeroy handle the phantoms while you beat up Pinwheel (for this to be done properly, you should kill all the skeleton wheels outside the room before summoning Leeroy so he doesn't become distracted).

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