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Poise is a value that determines a character's resistance to being stunned. All characters, including enemies, have Poise. Being hit drains Poise which regenerates after a moment, much like a hidden stamina bar. When Poise is completely drained, the character becomes stunned. Having one more point of Poise than is being dealt will prevent the character from being stunned by that hit.

Poise break points

At these points, you can poise through a specific attack.

Poise Weapon and attack type
81 Great Fireball
76 Ultra Greatswords 2h R1
Greataxes 2h R1
Great Hammers 2h R1
61 Black Flame
Katanas, Straight Swords, Spears 2h x2
Katanas, Straight Swords, Spears 1h x3
Black Knight Greataxe 2h
56 Curved Greatswords, Greatswords, Hammers, Axes running 2h r1
53 Curved Greatswords 2h R1
Greatswords 2h R1
Hammers 2h R1
Axes 2h R1
51 Ultra Greatswords 1h R1
Greataxes 1h R1
Great Hammers 1h R1
41 Great Combustion
Katanas, Straight Swords, Spears 1h x2
Dragon Bone Fist R2
Black Knight Greataxe 1h
36 Curved Greatswords 1h R1
Greatswords 1h R1
Hammers 1h R1
Axes 1h R1
32 Katana running 2h R1
31 Curved Swords 2h R1 (and R2 in the case of the Shotel)
Straight Swords 2h R1
Katana 2h R1s (including Washing Pole)
Great Scythe 2h R1/R2s
Whip 2h R1
Large Spear (Partizan/Pike) 2h R1
Small Spear (Silver Knight Spear/Winged Spear) 2h R1
Halberd 2h R1
Claw, Caestus, Dragon Bone Fist jumping attack
26 Dark Sword, 1h R2
24 Claw, Caestus R2
Caestus R2 followup
Caestus Left hand attack
23 Claw, Caestus, Dragon Bone Fist Running
Claw, Dragon Bone Fist, Dark Hand Left hand attack
22 Katana running 1h R1
21 Curved Swords 1h R1
Straight Swords 1h R1
Katana 1h R1s (including Washing Pole)
Great Scythe 1h R1/R2s
Whip 1h R1
Large Spear (Partizan/Pike) 1h R1
Small Spear (Silver Knight Spear/Winged Spear) 1h R1
Halberd 1h R1
Claw, Caestus, Dragon Bone Fist R1
Claw, Caestus, Dragon Bone Fist
Dark Hand R2 (if not grabbing)
16 Dragonform Bare Fist Running
Dragonform Bare Fist R2
11 Dragonform Bare Fist R1
Dragonform Bare Fist roll attack
Dragonform Bare Fist jumping attack
Dragonform Bare Fist Left hand attack
Dragonform Breath
8 Thrusting Sword 2h R1
Dagger 2h R1
6 Thrusting Sword 1h R1
Dagger 1h R1
able to walk in chaos lava

Weapon Poise drain

Different weapons drain varying amounts of Poise, and it is completely independent of damage. Generally, larger weapons drain more Poise per hit and 2-handing weapons drains more Poise.

Here are some values of poise drained per hit by various weapon types:

Weapon Attack Poise
1 Handed
2 Handed
All Ultra Greatswords light 50 75
Most Greataxes light 50 75
All Great Hammers light 50 75
Black Knight Greataxe light 40 60
Black Flame light - 60
All Greatswords light 35 52
All Hammers light 35 52
Most Axes light 35 52
Black Knight Halberd light 30 45
Great Combustion light - 40
Hand Axe light 20 30
All Curved Swords light 20 30
All Straight Swords light 20 30
All Katanas light 20 30
All Whips light 20 30
All Spears light 20 30
Most Halberds light 20 30
All Fist Weapons light 20 -
All Thrusting Swords light 5 7
All Daggers light 5 7
Bare Fist light 5 -


  • Havel's Set provides the highest Poise of any armor set in the game at 121 Poise, although it weighs 50 units.
  • The Wolf Ring also boosts poise by 40 points, with no added weight.
  • Poise does not recover for 1 second, and after that, it recovers 20-25% per second. So it could take 4-5 seconds for your poise to be back to full again.
  • When building a character for PvP, it is a good idea to equip armor that will put you above one of the following Poise breakpoints:
    • 53 lets you survive at least one light attack from any weapon without getting your Poise broken except by 2-handed light attacks from an ultra greatsword, a great hammer, or a greataxe.
    • 61 lets you survive two 30 poise hits, or three 20 poise hits, as well as resisting one 2H hit from the Black Knight Greataxe and one Black Flame hit
    • 76 lets you survive at least one light attack from any weapon without getting your Poise broken.
  • Running attacks drain more poise than normal R1 attacks. For example, you need 56 poise to resist a greatsword running attack as opposed to 53. All greatswords can combo a running attack into an R1 if it breaks your poise, and some have more damaging combos.
  • A phantom hit — an attack that hits you during the invincibility frames from a roll — will still damage your poise, much like poison and bleed will still build up when a phantom hit occurs.
  • Toggle Escape — if you toggle your left/right hand weapon during a stun animation, you can replace the stun animation with a weapon toggling animation (which you can move during), effectively cancelling your stun. It can be hard to get the timing right, but with this technique, you can have enough frame advantage to get behind your opponent and backstab them. (Video)
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