Prism Stone


In-Game Description

Warm pebble emitting a beautiful phasing aura
of seven colors, with a very rare eighth.

The rainbow stone does nothing special, but
can serve as a path marker, and can be
dropped off a cliff to judge height by the
sound of descent.

If a loud noise is heard upon its landing,
then a fall off the ledge is surely lethal.



  • When dropped to the floor, glows a certain color out of eight. Used as a path marker in large areas, helps from getting lost
  • When dropped from a ledge, can be used to check heights. Loud breaking noise means the drop is lethal
  • Can be traded in with Snuggly the Crow for a Demon Titanite


Prism Stone's description tells of a rare eighth color which it can show, but after noting down every color of 98 prism stones thrown, no particular color stood out, with the difference from average to the highest value being higher than the difference from average to the lowest value. This could, however, be a result of bad luck, and is therefore not conclusive proof that there is no rare eight color. Click here for a spreadsheet containing the data used.

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