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(desc / asc)
Version Character(s) Game Plan Language(s) Timezone Popularity
(desc / asc)
Last Updated
(desc / asc)
hanzahm EU Sorcier "Marilyn", cleric "melusine" Everything ^.^ English, german Central Europe 1 14 Feb 2013 09:44
gustavomunhoz84 US Australia Central 1 21 Feb 2013 04:04
yunghop0 US Thief SL 44 Need help also willing to help English US Central 1 21 Feb 2013 05:53
Mr_AkUlA EU 1: Malec, Knight, SL 34


Head: Gargoyle Helm +2
Chest: Knights Armour +1
Hands: Knights Gauntlets +1
Legs: Knights Leggings +1


Right Hand 1: Drake Sword
Right Hand 2: Light Cross Bow

Left Hand 1: Knight Shield
Left Hand 2: Longbow

Rings: Blue Tearstone Ring and Wolf Ring..

Vitality: 18
Attunement: 10
Endurance: 23
Strength: 18
Dexterity: 14
Resistance: 10
Intelligence: 11
Faith: 11
So far I am trying to access the second bell tower in New Londo but I'm having difficulty passing a large group of ghost's.. Any help would be much appreciated :)

English GMT / UTC 1 25 Feb 2013 19:07
TO__DoubleD US Dex/Faith. SL 64 Need Ornstein's soul. Willing to trade Smough's and other items for it. English Australia Central 1 02 Mar 2013 16:19
Lt_SirThomas US warrior low sl just playing for some fun , and make friends to help and get helped portugues/english US Central 1 10 Mar 2013 14:18
ChaoticRavendark US CHAOS
US Mountain 1 12 Mar 2013 01:33
da_boss_jake123 US SL 16 I wish to completely restart the game with no characters and playthrough, and items given are happily accepted and would love a co-op. I would love someone with skype and a mic also! English - Some German US Eastern 1 20 Apr 2013 21:43
micksterminator US US Eastern 1 24 Apr 2013 14:15
xDjfreak326x EU SL 83 pyromancer To lvl up as much as i can and get the best equipment English><Urdu GMT / UTC 1 26 Apr 2013 09:23
Kinroko US Kinroko (SL 280+), Kinroko (SL 40+) Highest PHYS resistance in the game (Giants armor), Greatsheild of Artorias, Darkmoon Blade on +15 Washing Pole. English US Central 1 28 Apr 2013 06:43
spongebob_TS4L EU From around 30-400 (highest char)
Main characters reside around 100-130 in level I have general build characters along with a faith build ~ which doesn't use god's wrath ^_^
Help friends with areas/boss fights and maybe some PvP during the process, overall just wanna have fun :D English GMT / UTC 1 18 May 2013 16:27
dei7mos US us US Hawaii 1 12 Jun 2013 00:15
JuggaloD_420 US Knight SL 230 Im here for PVP trying to get to lvl 295 then I will be making other builds lvl 120 range
PM me
English US Central 1 12 Jun 2013 17:47
Sw337K1d501 US Sir Ryan
Lady Raven
Just fucking about , Right now I mostly chill oin Anor Londo trying to invade guilty worlds for shits and giggles. If you ever get invaded I do play kinda scum bagish by letting the two Guards help me out but EH, Deal with it

I play sort of a uility build with a +5 Silver Straight Sworrd, and I enchant it with Resins of all kinds
English US Eastern 1 15 Jun 2013 04:02
Eggy McBagel Face US Eggy McBagel Face Eggy McBagel Face is the offspring of Gywndolin, An EggBagel sandwich, and a white bengal tiger having 3 way in Smough's Armour.

Eggy has light blue skin and close together eyes, So close in fact that you can fit them together in a monocole. His dick is 15 yards but can change to accomadate his armor. No woman is able to resist the allure of Eggy. This includes Priscilla, Gywndolin, and Andre. Yes, Eggy swings that way to be neutral. His harem consists of a Million and two bitches. Only Priscilla and Gywndolin were spared their ability to walk, Gywnevere's was not.

In short, Eggy McBagel Face is a Hunter of Gods, Killer of men, and Fucker of Bitches.
Every. Australia Central 1 19 Jun 2013 01:50
Mike_Spamm US Muled SL18, 67, 107, and 127. The 127 is a mouldable STR/VIT, and is CosPvPing as Biorr. Currently working on a Fat Official build as well. Helping newbies and using underestimated weapons. No tryharding, only fun. English US Eastern 1 27 Jun 2013 03:32
Apacheflisk EU Vertamaye
To catch 'em all, I guess. English GMT / UTC 1 17 Jul 2013 15:26
THE_ASSASSINBANE mk2 EU Hi. It's me. the assassinbane again. Made a new setup for my character J. He is a cleric and I'm doing a joint play through with my friend. J is a rare albino Hollow that hails from Astora. He is a member of the darkwraiths. But only due to him believing that it is time for the age of man. Our lord hath returned and he shall be crowned as J. Long live the dark lord To be the ultimate badass and strike down those who arose his rule. Wields the Lifehunt scythe with Black night shield. His armour is Ciarans torso. Darkwraith mask and gloves. And gold hemmed waistcloth. He also uses as a secondary blade the dark sword or silv. K. Str sword English(UK) Central Europe 1 24 Jul 2013 07:49
cupay-thesamurai US Zhanji , Male Thief (just started) Have some fun with this game. Anybody wanna help me, just message me ? Alright :) English and Spanish US Eastern 1 02 Aug 2013 02:38
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