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(desc / asc)
Version Character(s) Game Plan Language(s) Timezone Popularity
(desc / asc)
Last Updated
(desc / asc)
WAS-GOODIE US NG Level 63 Thief. Dex/Pyro w/ Iaito and Lifehunt Scythe NEED HELP WITH 4 KINGS. English, ちょっとに本語 US Central 0 04 Dec 2014 15:37
wasabininja US 1 English US Eastern 1 22 Aug 2012 15:13
War_Wiki Level 150 Knight
Level 100 Sorcerer
Just wish to team up against bosses and/or pvp :D
I'm friendly and only want to help, and of course make friends.
English Australia Western 0 14 Jan 2013 10:54
Warukuroni US Warrior-Mage SL80+
Thief SL 10 (inactive)
Wanderer SL 1 (inactive)
Co-op all the way English, Spanish US Central 0 07 Jul 2012 15:42
ViniskateUSA US Pyromancer lvl 50 Just want to have fun in co-op, battle some bosses, just want to help Portuguese or English GMT / UTC 0 03 Aug 2013 21:54
Vilestria US Vilestria SL 50 atm PvE running for item collection (bank for bbg) Willing to run Co-Op with anyone needing assistance within my SL. Also willing to create new toons for Co-Op playthroughs, Muling etc. English US Eastern 0 29 Aug 2012 01:39
victor_MTS US SL 103 NG+
SL 38
Willing to coop with anyone who needs help with a boss just message me or friend request English, Spanish US Central 0 19 Nov 2013 03:25
VeNoMxSHOT US Pyromancer/dexterity build sl130 fast and heavy hitter with brass armor +5 Basically anything fun; pvp, co-op, farming and that sort of stuff. I don't like to double team other players while their already in a pvp match. I prefer 1v1 :) so add me if you ever want to play! English US Eastern 0 16 May 2012 14:10
venomak US Lvl 47 Wanderer Looking for coop to help with difficult areas English US Eastern 0 12 Aug 2012 02:12
vaughan_william EU Level 80, Knight Melee, minor majics and pyromancy English Central Europe 0 18 Mar 2012 13:44
Val-Lins-br US pyromancer, strg, resistance, lvl 95 searching for someone to summon me , I can help, pro in pvp, into sif forest. Pt-br US Eastern 0 19 Jul 2015 16:21
uweresn1p3d US sl 609
sl 159 cleric/ heavy weapons
sl 77 dexterity build
sl 70 mage
sl 119 cleric/ dexterity build
mostly pvp. ill me glad to help u out in any areas. english US Eastern -1 10 Mar 2012 04:54
Ushimato EU SL 142 Anything anyone needs. PVP, bosses, farming im up for it. English. GMT / UTC 0 07 Mar 2012 14:28
Uraetus (PSN) US NamePending Warrior SL 229 PVP( Mainly forest, some Darkwraith)
CO-OP/ Help others with bosses
Level up
English US Central 0 31 Aug 2012 20:35
UndeadRabbit89 EU Lv 57 Knight Need help finishing game. Will coop and pvp with others. Australia Western 0 04 Jan 2013 00:51
ultimate7000 EU One SL69 PvP/Co-Op build I hang around the Kiln all the time - add me and we'll see if we can sort out co-op or PvP English GMT / UTC 0 03 Feb 2012 22:29
UltimaSankekur US lvl 120 Wimpy Glass-Cannon Sorcerer; dies in two hits, but kills in one. (If I can hit, lol) Gunning for Priscilla's Dagger, already on my third play-through, getting so frustrated. Otherwise jolly co-op all the way. Taglish US Eastern 0 23 May 2012 00:51
Uhka-M EU STR build (SL 74), 2 low SL helpers (SL 15 & 16), Faith build (SL 31) and rest are random Going through the game still, but willing to help anyone in my SL range ^^ After I've got all trophy weapons, I can dupe them for you. The number one helper in EU in Demon's Souls comes back! English, Finnish Central Europe 0 28 Mar 2012 09:02
tyler_matthew US i have a lvl 145 spell caster/ quality build
a level 118 faith supported dex build light weigh
and a level 86 glass cannon build
just pvp or co op i love fighting eachother and helping just no ganking english US Pacific 0 08 Sep 2013 21:22
Tylerdurden_nor EU LVl 53 Int build
LVL DS and DLC playtrough
Dukes Archives or from scratch English. Scandinavian Central Europe 0 07 Mar 2013 20:37
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