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(desc / asc)
Version Character(s) Game Plan Language(s) Timezone Popularity
(desc / asc)
Last Updated
(desc / asc)
m1lk4nd0r30s US Main character is currently a lvl 103 pyromancer Just want to help people in the game. Have fun and FUCK SHIT UP! :p English US Central 0 07 Jul 2014 03:28
blazedragon21 US A mix of strenght and dexerity plus a little bit of faith. Just looking to help or be helped in co-op story mode English US Eastern 0 06 Jul 2014 19:37
Madafraska US Good armor against fire and crystal, vitality 41, dex 30, endurence 50, faith, and intellegence 20, pyromancer Good on PvP and Co-Op, English, Espanish US Pacific 0 06 Jul 2014 03:33
infamous_oh1 US 131 dex mix up. 80 str. 80 Fth maybe dex. Co-op. Friendly battles. Tournaments maybe? English, very little french. US Pacific 0 05 Jul 2014 11:09
DerpGusta321 US Lvl 273 All around build NG++. Mostly try to cosplay as all kinds of characters. Most often Artorias, Tarkus, Havel, Knight of Thorns, Darkwraith, Ornstein, and Chester. PvP in the Undead Burg arena, PvE pretty much anywhere, just tell me where. Either one or whatever else there is.
In PvP, bowing before match, winner bow after, and NO HEALING OF ANY KIND. Any weapon or buff is welcome. If anything else, I need someone to help me practice backstabs.
English US Central 1 18 Jun 2014 02:01
Ol1m3 EU Level 40+ Hunter (Dexterity aleas Rapier build)
Level 50+ Deprived (Warrior/Sorcerer build)
Level 60+ Pyromancer
Helping others out with area's and bosses so add me if you need help with O&S or something Dutch, Frensh and English Central Europe 1 09 Jun 2014 19:34
ofc5528 US LVL 128 all around build KIKIN ASS AND MAKIN MESSES English, BI***, DO YOU SPEAK IT! US Eastern 0 26 May 2014 02:33
pawned999 EU Lvl 80, Knight EN, NOR Central Europe 0 23 May 2014 01:56
Requiemical EU lvl 68 warrior exploration build first playthrough ^_^ Really would like to work on my PVP as i love the battle system feel free to add me and lets co-op or Hack it out! ;D English Only GMT / UTC 1 19 May 2014 01:14
alexsnow95 US US Pacific 0 06 May 2014 22:48
Kookesss US I have 3. One is beaten and two are others I'm playing now I am XBOX if that is a problem sorry. Just don't seem to find much help or pvp English US Eastern 0 05 May 2014 22:51
THE_TECHNOIST EU SL150 melee/caster on ng+ atm need 4 kings but il help you if u help me :) english GMT / UTC 0 19 Apr 2014 15:23
adasmart40 US 102 warrior just fun an help english US Eastern 0 18 Apr 2014 13:53
jonjon3031 US Various Just looking for dragon pvp for fun and scales. US Central 0 14 Apr 2014 11:40
Leturoa EU Currently level 51 battlemage Co-Op wouldn't mind helping people with bosses as I level my character English GMT / UTC 0 13 Apr 2014 15:21
Mmarcon2 US Various Looking for a Lot of pvp and coop action, sunbro covenant and darkmoon
Add me if you like
english US Central 0 03 Apr 2014 12:32
the_bigbangkid EU Sl 87 and rising NG+
Covenant Darkmoon Blade
Trying to find a dark souls mate to
co-op with and doing trades to gear together.
Netherlands, English Central Europe 0 29 Mar 2014 21:04
total_darkness53 US US Eastern 0 27 Mar 2014 03:14
OptiicPr3d4tr US Sl Level 101 pyromancer
Sl level 92 warrior
PvP in the forest, co-op English US Central 0 25 Mar 2014 07:11
Broken_Mooseloaf US SL 90 I messed up while so close to platinum. Looking to get either Soul of Sif or Uncursed Greatsword of Artorias. Willing to trade/help in return if need be English US Eastern 0 24 Mar 2014 03:16
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