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(desc / asc)
Version Character(s) Game Plan Language(s) Timezone Popularity
(desc / asc)
Last Updated
(desc / asc)
Kinzokumiku US Mostly use my SL 68.. I usually PvP a lot, but I wouldn't mind helping people out so if you need some help. Give me a message so we can jolly cooperate! English, Japanese US Central 0 30 Mar 2012 10:02
Len-Len US SL43 DEX Build Ranged/Melee, SL12 Sorcerer (Helper), rest are misc. Tester builds. I enjoy helping people out in between farming runs or playing online with family. In Demon's Souls I specialized in lightweight DEX/Hyper builds and I'm still experimenting with similar builds in Dark Souls to find the right fit for me. If anyone wnats/needs help in either game, just let me know. =) English US Pacific 0 29 Mar 2012 05:02
Uhka-M EU STR build (SL 74), 2 low SL helpers (SL 15 & 16), Faith build (SL 31) and rest are random Going through the game still, but willing to help anyone in my SL range ^^ After I've got all trophy weapons, I can dupe them for you. The number one helper in EU in Demon's Souls comes back! English, Finnish Central Europe 0 28 Mar 2012 09:02
fuzenix US ricochet sl40 wanderer EVE player, new ps3 owner long time diablo/dw player avid Twitter user eng US Pacific 0 26 Mar 2012 17:23
john_no_arms US SL 4 warrior low level co-op/pvp português brasileiro; english GMT / UTC 0 26 Mar 2012 12:39
BrettHmz2 US Chuck SL 123 NG+
That_One_Guy SL 25
Magic Man SL 67
Frank West SL 76
-Unnamed- SL 41
I'm a master of Demon's Souls looking to conquer Dark Souls. English & Deutsch Australia Central 0 26 Mar 2012 04:43
CarverUpqik US sl 60 palladin
sl 46 Int variation
Build some sl 120s and pvp english US Pacific 0 26 Mar 2012 03:36
LOTR_Man US Gavin To win as pure white. English US Pacific 0 24 Mar 2012 18:45
DarkSoulsKhan EU sl 43 new faith/dex build To have fun and level up to sl 120 ASAP to do PvP :D English Central Europe 0 22 Mar 2012 19:28
DoomBrew US Olgrim
Gotten past Sen's Fortress before but life got in the way. Going through anew with Olgrim (Pyromancer) and i'm determined to get all the way to the end of the game this time. Any help is appreciated! English US Pacific 0 22 Mar 2012 19:17
crack-_-baby-_- US I only have one character, a SL 66 Thief i play as a melee tank/dps. My first play through I'm just getting the basics of everything in the game. Big fan of Demon Soul's, but still need help this time around. Looking for help on some bosses. Still on first play through so looking forward for many NG++++. English. US Eastern 0 22 Mar 2012 16:42
Sargonist24 US 78-Str/Dex Build
114(2nd Run)- Average Everything
A little but of PvP..
But I like to progress the story a little bit now and then.
US Pacific 0 22 Mar 2012 00:14
Catlegs33 EU SL: 78 Balanced build warrior. Currently with Chaos servants to gain access to Izalith shortcut. Will be returning to Warriors Of Sunlight

SL:74, Sorcerer, DPS (Played by friend on my system
SL: 78, Co-op and PvE. I'm happy to help anyone and participate in some jolly co-operation. Boss fights, area clearing or just being used as some cannon fodder/distraction. I'm fine with all

Sl: 74, PvP, with a particular taste for revenge killing or exacting some karmic justice. Aim to become a decent PvP mage
English (UK) GMT / UTC 0 21 Mar 2012 00:57
Jerush EU Level 40, Pyromancer Co-op. Ready to help in clearing levels & Bosses. English GMT / UTC 0 18 Mar 2012 17:39
vaughan_william EU Level 80, Knight Melee, minor majics and pyromancy English Central Europe 0 18 Mar 2012 13:44
Sondelight US 103 Attacker
10 Theif
For the attacker i just rush in and do some damage.
For the other, Back stabs and roll's.
If you need someone to help you, then I'm your guy ! :D
English, Spanish US Eastern 0 17 Mar 2012 18:32
ilmazza EU lv 80 soldier lvl up:D english, italian, french Central Europe 0 17 Mar 2012 10:40
Ghost_oni US 185 pyromance Help in ANY aspect of the game that i can trade farming bosses ENG US Eastern 0 17 Mar 2012 10:01
xSchiller US Me, SLXX Haven't made my char yet, Looking for a Low-Lv mate to play from begning, US Central 0 16 Mar 2012 22:16
Orrz US lvl 10 29 40 65 70 90 360 i make new ones all the time coop help out and have fun. i use skype too talk while in game so if you have it that will help english US Eastern 1 16 Mar 2012 04:09
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