Eggy McBagel Face
DON'T CHANGE YOUR TITLE IT'S YOUR PSN ID Bitch, fuck your title.
Character(s) Eggy McBagel Face
Game Plan Eggy McBagel Face is the offspring of Gywndolin, An EggBagel sandwich, and a white bengal tiger having 3 way in Smough's Armour.

Eggy has light blue skin and close together eyes, So close in fact that you can fit them together in a monocole. His dick is 15 yards but can change to accomadate his armor. No woman is able to resist the allure of Eggy. This includes Priscilla, Gywndolin, and Andre. Yes, Eggy swings that way to be neutral. His harem consists of a Million and two bitches. Only Priscilla and Gywndolin were spared their ability to walk, Gywnevere's was not.

In short, Eggy McBagel Face is a Hunter of Gods, Killer of men, and Fucker of Bitches.
Language(s) Every.
Timezone (Standard Time Only, Please) Australia Central
Version US
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