In-Game Description

Sorcery of Manus, Father of the Abyss.
Grant a fleeting will to the Dark of humanity, and volley the result.

The will feels envy, or perhaps love, and despite the inevitably trite and tragic ending,
the will sees no alternative, and is driven madly toward its target.


General Information

Spell Type Uses Intelligence Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Ranged, Physical 3 32 n/a 2 Attunement Slot Snuggly the Crow Soul of Manus
  • This spell is the Dark equivalent of Homing Soulmass. The projectiles are also much slower but home-in very aggressively.
  • Dark sorceries deal physical damage in addition to magical damage, and deal more damage to stamina and poise than standard sorceries.
  • The magic damage of dark sorceries scales with the INT scaling of the equipped catalyst, and the physical damage scales with the STR and DEX scaling of the equipped catalyst.
  • Two-handing a catalyst does not increase the STR scaling on dark sorceries.
  • Has very long casting time and unique animation.
  • When encountering a player using this sorcery, it is possible to outrun the projectiles long enough for them to detonate on their own accord.
  • Not every player has seen this spell, so many try to dodge it just like Homing Soulmass, and that usually leads to painful hit.
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