Quelaag's Domain
Quelaag's Domain (Exterior View)

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
Chaos Witch Quelaag Eingyi
Quelaag's Sister
none Egg Carrier


Quelaag's Domain is a large nest of webbing and eggs located at the bottom of Blighttown. It leads directly to the boss fight with Chaos Witch Quelaag and darker things beyond. You can also find Quelaag's Sister in this area, the head of the Chaos Servant covenant.


Important Tips

  • You can avoid the Infested Barbarian with boulder before the entrance: When arriving from the swamp, keep to the right and run directly to the entrance of the lair.
  • If you don't mess with the Egg Carriers leading up to Quelaag, they won't mess with you.
  • Bring flame defense armor and shield.


Quelaag's Domain Map

1. Not much here as it is mainly the boss room.

2. You begin at the mouth of the cave; continue to the small open area. You can choose to kill or not to kill these Egg Carriers but be warned, doing so will spawn several Maggots that will attack you.

3. Down the tunnel is the room where you will be fighting Chaos Witch Quelaag. Once done, leave her room on the opposite side and ring the second Bell of Awakening. (Watch for the hole in the floor, if you don't have enough Vitality, this drop may kill you).

4. To the right of the Bell lever is a staircase, descend this and face the tunnel that leads to the Demon Ruins. To your right is an illusory wall. Striking the wall will open the area that contains Quelaag's Sister and Eingyi in front of a Bonfire. Note there is little point in kindling it.

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