Quelaag's Sister
Quelaag's Sister


Called "The Fair Lady" by her attendant Eingyi, she is nameless, but players have given her the name Quelaan. She is the saint of the Chaos Servant covenant. Blind, weak, and on the verge of death after swallowing the blight pus of the residents of Blighttown, she is completely immobile and was made the Fire Keeper of the nearby bonfire to keep her alive. Her speech seems incoherent at first (just '…?'), but with the Old Witch's Ring equipped, you may converse with her normally. She mistakes you for her sister, Chaos Witch Quelaag, as she is blind and confused, and Quelaag was the only one who visited (and could talk) to her.

This unnamed Daughter of Chaos once lived with her mother - the Witch of Izalith - and her siblings in the ancient city of Izalith. After the Flame of Chaos incident, her mother and many of her sisters were transformed into nefarious demons. She and her sister Quelaag escaped the worst of it; their lower torsos were mutated into giant arachnoid abdomens by the flames, but their upper bodies and their minds were seemingly unfazed. Fleeing their deranged, demonic kin, they climbed upward to the base of Blighttown and fashioned themselves a home. The precise details of what came next are only suggested at and implied by Eingyi. The Daughters of Chaos brought afflicted denizens of Blighttown with them as servants. Quelaag was unmoved by their suffering, but the Fair Lady wept for them. Overwhelmed by empathy, she did the only thing she could to help: she swallowed their blight pus, despite orders against such action from Quelaag. This cured the undead, but left the Fair Lady in her current state - perpetually near death, surrounded by eggs that will never bring life, and now, due to the actions of the player, completely and utterly alone.


Quelaag's Domain
Behind the illusory wall below the second Bell of Awakening. Using Seek Guidance will make a developer message appear pointing to the illusory wall.



Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 271 5,000
NG+ 518 15,000
NG+6 648 18,750


Fire Keeper Soul (Daughter of Chaos)


  • Like any other Fire Keeper, the bonfire becomes unusable when she dies, although it can still be warped to.
  • She helps complete Sir Solaire of Astora's questline with him alive. See page for alternate strategies.
  • As she's the reason the Chaos Servant order exists, killing her breaks the covenant and makes Eingyi hostile.
  • It appears that feeding her Humanity improves her health. After a certain point, her spider limbs begin moving with strength and fluidity, rather than weakly and slowly. She also stops using the talk dialogues where she fears death ("the eggs have stopped moving" and "I wish I could see your… face one more time.").
  • This NPC has unused dialogue lines.


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