Ranged Damp

General Description

Bows, Crossbows and Throwing Knives / Poison Throwing Knives experience a drop-off in damage beyond a certain range. With the exception of Throwing Knifes, this behavior varies depending on the choice of Ammo and whether the Hawk Ring is used. It does not affect any spells or other ranged attacks.

Maximum Damage Range

Within a certain range, the player's attacks stay constant. This range can be calculated as

\begin{align} \textrm{Maximum Damage Range} = \textrm{Ammo Range} \cdot \left(1 + \textrm{Weapon Dist Rate}/100 + \textrm{Hawk Ring Dist Rate}/100 \right) \end{align}

Where "Ammo Range" is inherent to the Ammo used, "Weapon Dist Rate" is inherent to the Bow/Crossbow used, and the "Hawk Ring Dist Rate" is 0 if the Hawk Ring is not worn and 65 if it is.
Weapon Dist Rate is 0 for all ranged weapons except:

Weapon Weapon Dist Rate
Composite Bow -24
Black Bow of Pharis 30
Gough's Greatbow 10
Sniper Crossbow 40

Note that these values are equal to twice the difference between the weapon's Range stat and 50.

Throwing Knives have a range of 7, all other values are, in ingame units:

Ammo Ammo Range
Wooden Arrow 20
Standard Arrow 20
Large Arrow 15
Feather Arrow 25
Fire Arrow 20
Poison Arrow 20
Moonlight Arrow 20
Dragonslayer Arrow 30
Gough's Great Arrow 25
Wood Bolt 20
Standard Bolt 20
Heavy Bolt 15
Lightning Bolt 20
Sniper Bolt 25

Dampening Effect

Beyond that range, damage decreases in a linear fashion. Dealt Damage is decreased by 1/30th total damage until reaching 0.
The distance between damage steps appears to be approximately 1 ingame Unit, increasing the total range by about 30 (This seems to vary with used equipment however).

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