Red Sign Soapstone


In-Game Description

Online play item.
Leaves invasion sign.
(Hollows cannot use the item)

Be summoned to another world as a dark
spirit, and defeat the summoner to acquire
Certain Darkwraiths resist their descent into
dark and preserve along the honorable path.
The Red Soapstone is for them.


The Red Sign Soapstone is an online play item that allows players in human form to lay down a red soul sign.
Another player may interact with the sign to summon them as an invading Dark Spirit. The winner of the battle will receive souls and a single humanity point.

To cast a sign using the Red Sign Soapstone:

  • The player must be in human form.

To see signs cast by other players:

  • The player must be in human form.
  • The area boss must still be alive.
  • The player cannot have a sign down themselves. Placing a sign makes others invisible and inaccessible.


Found at the highest point of the Painted World of Ariamis at the very top of the spiral staircase in one of the buildings near the Undead Dragon.

Online Matchmaking

  • The player who casts a sign can be summoned by others who are within co-op range below their level ( - (10 + 10% of the player's level)), and any level higher. This means a level 100 character using the Red Sign Soapstone can be summoned by others between the levels of 80 to 713.
  • It is believed that higher priority matchmaking is given to players of closer levels. While it is possible for the red sign to appear for other players of a much higher level, it is more likely to be seen and activated by players closer to your level.
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