Red Tearstone Ring

red tearstone ring

In Game Description

The rare gem called tearstone has the uncanny ability to sense imminent death.

This red tearstone from Carim boosts the attack of its wearer when in danger.


Increase the attack power of the player by at least 50% when the player's health is under 20%. This allegedly applies to every form of offense including spells etc.


Located in the Valley of Drakes, atop the ladder located to the side of the New Londo Ruins flood gates — Video Guide


  • The amount of actual damage output can vary depending on the defenses of the enemy. ~66% boost in damage is pretty common, with roughly 50% at the lowest and 150% at the highest ends.
  • If your health is reduced by half from being Cursed or wearing the Dusk Crown Ring, the Red Tearstone Ring will activate at 20% of your cursed/affected vitality bar, not the normal bar.
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