• Increases Physical Defense
  • Increases Fire Defense
  • Increases Poison Resist


  • Putting points in Resistance doesn't increase additional Magic or Lightning resistances beyond the standard increases granted for any level increase.
  • Armor does not scale with Resistance, all effects are additive.
  • Fire Defense can not be properly determined by Resistance alone, as it also is affected by the total amount of stats + Humanity.
  • Fire Defense and Magic Defense use identical equations.
  • Major break points after 15 and 30 Resistance with the Resistance increase awarded per level being reduced by approximately half at each break.
  • The consensus among Dark Souls players is that it's a waste to level up this stat, as doing so doesn't provide enough benefits. If the player wants to mitigate damage, better alternatives would be to invest in Vitality (to increase Hit Points), or Endurance (to wear heavier, more protective armor while keeping dodge speed). Poison and Fire Defense can be more practically increased by wearing armor that is high in those values.

Exact Values

Resistance Poison Resistance
08 26
09 28
10 30
15 60
20 73
30 100
40 107
50 114
60 122
70 129
80 136
90 143
99 150
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