IGN - 9.0
"Prepare to die. Over and over again."

The Telegraph - 5 Stars
"…no video game is quite so exciting or exhilarating."
- The Telegraph

GameSpot - 9.5
"You never know what is around the bend or what fate might befall you if you don't take care as you make your way through this extraordinarily challenging game."
- GameSpot

Playstation Universe - 9.5
"When all is said and done, Dark Souls is an incredibly addictive game and those who embrace it will most certainly end up living it."
- Playstation Universe

EuroGamer - 9/10
"If you have the stomach for it - and can look past the game's initial, somewhat misleading disregard for you - Dark Souls offers dozens upon dozens of hours of hair-raising adventuring."
- EuroGamer

Metro - 9/10
"In it you'll have to work for your rewards it's true, but the game's not punishing you for its own amusement - it's trying to prove that the greatest pleasure comes as a result of the greatest effort."
- Metro

Games TM - 9/10
"Dark Souls is a fine example of how great forethought and a less than tepid attitude towards taking risks pay dividends in the hands of real gamers."
- Games TM

EDGE - 9
"From Software's masterful open-world RPG stretches the limits of both risk and reward."

Official XBOX 360 Magazine - 9
"For a game that's sometimes frighteningly unfair, it's shocking just how compelling Dark Souls is."
- Official XBOX 360 Magazine

Joystiq - 4.5 Stars
"Hours of diligent, often frustrating work followed by a surprising, often spectacular payoff."
- Joystiq

Game Informer - 8.75
"Dark Souls is without a doubt the hardest game I have ever played; that is its blessing, and that is its curse."
- Game Informer

Strategy Informer - 8.0
"…the only thing you really 'did' was want to play it, and for that it hates you so much it will do it's very best to kill you. Often."
- Strategy Informer

4players - 92%
"Unpredictable, thrilling, enigmatic. Dark Souls continues the genious tradition of its predecessor."
- 4players

GameStar - 85%
"That's how nice, dying can be. Extremely difficult but very intense Fantasy Action."1
- GameStar

PC Games - 87%
""A true test of nerves. A masterpiece, limited by its awful PC-portation.""2
- PC Games

"Damn hard and endless motivating: a complex Action-RPG with unique game mechanics and a very open character development system, 88%"
- (printversion), singleplayer review

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