Rickert of Vinheim
Ricker Of Vinheim Blacksmith


A magesmith from Vinheim Dragon School. Somehow trapped in a cell in New Londo Ruins and can't get out, although he doesn't seem to mind. Specialized in Magic weapon enchantments.


New Londo Ruins
Exit the lift down from the Firelink Shrine and into the first open area with the ruins in the distance. Go to the far right and follow a set of broken stairs down towards the water. Be careful not to fall off the stairs and on the left hand side at the bottom of the steps behind some bars is Rickert.



Item Soul Cost Description
Soul Arrow 2,000 Sold by Griggs cheaper at 1,000.
Heavy Soul Arrow 4,000 Sold by Griggs cheaper at 2,000.
Sorcerer's Catalyst 500


Playthrough HP Souls
First 659 1,000
NG+ 1,779 5,000
NG+6 2,224 6,250


Mage Smith Set (unused content)


  • If you answer "No" when he asks for any ember, he will keep asking the player the next time you start a conversation with him.
  • He is possible to kill using certain AoE attacks, like Wrath of the Gods; or by using weapons with long range, like the Silver Knight Spear.
  • Equipped with a unique version of the Mage Smith Set which contains no item names or descriptions and cannot be equipped on female characters.


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Voiced by: Adam Sopp
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