Ring of Steel Protection

ring of steel protection

In Game Description

This ring belonged to the Knight King Rendal.
It grants its wearer protection by boosting
defense against physical attacks.

Of the many legends surrounding the Knight
King Rendal, one of the more well-known
speaks of his standing down a giant drake
and slashing it to pieces.


Raises physical defense against strike, slash, and thrust by 50


Found in Sen's Fortress

The ring is in a chest at the top of the long ramp that runs along the exterior of the fortress (forming a boulder trap). It is in a room guarded by a Serpent Mage


This is an excellent ring for light armor builds, since the bonus to physical defense is not relative to your level or to your existing armor level. It does also mean that the ring grows less useful as you level up, but 50 is a good chunk well into your first 100 levels. A contender for best ring with Havel's ring and the Ring of Favor and Protection.

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