Ring of the Evil Eye

ring of the evil eye

In Game Description

According to legend, this ring contains the
spirit of the evil eye, a dark beast which
assaulted Astora.

The strength of the evil eye does not waver,
and HP is absorbed from fallen enemies.


Treasure from a corpse in the Depths, behind the area with the Basilisks


Heals 30 HP from fallen enemies

  • Heals whether or not you're the reason the enemy died.
  • Killed enemies do not stack. For example, if you kill three enemies with one hit, you'll only gain HP equal to one killed enemy.
  • Specifically, the absorption of souls from killed enemies triggers the healing effect. Due to how it is coded, the effect can trigger only once per second, so killing two enemies in the same swing (say a Silver Knight and a Sentinel) can yield two full heals, if the souls are absorbed at least a second apart.


  • This ring heals you even when you are summoned
  • Useful in multiplayer PvE. With two other players adding to the kill count, this ring can grant its wearer high regeneration.
  • Can be used to offset Chaos Blade
  • A very useful ring for early game and Blighttown's poison swamp, but it's mostly out classed further in the game, as the small HP boost isn't as noticeable later
  • Best when used against enemies with low health such as Giant Mosquito or Undead rats
  • Good for conserving Estus Flask for harder enemies and bosses
  • Can assist with indefinitely farming Humanity and souls from Skeleton Babies in the Tomb of the Giants
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