Royal Wood

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Bosses NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
Black Dragon Kalameet
Knight Artorias
Marvellous Chester
Hawkeye Gough
Lord's Blade Ciaran
Titanite Slab
Blue Titanite Slab
Guardian Helm
Guardian Armor
Guardian Gauntlets
Guardian Leggings
Elizabeth's Mushroom
Gough's Great Arrow
Stone Guardian
Undead Attack Dogs
Crystal Lizard x3


The Royal Wood is a forest area reminiscent of Darkroot Garden, complete with flowers that glow and can be mistaken for items from a distance.



Royal Wood Map

  1. Once you're past the first bridge, there is a large, vaguely round area with plenty of Scarecrows and Stone Guardians. In the back, there's a building which contains a piece of Guardian armor as well as an elevator which acts as a shortcut once it's activated from the opposite side. Moving on, you will find another bridge towards the left, near a field of red flowers, which also contains many enemies.
  2. Once you have activated this first elevator, you can avoid all enemies in the first part of the Royal Woods by equipping the Ring of Fog and the Slumbering DragonCrest Ring before crossing the first bridge from Oolacile Sanctuary, and walking/jogging/running along the right-most edge of the woods, until you get to the stone building with the elevator. Just following the glowing flowers on that side until you get to the cliff edge, then walk/jog over to the building. The Scarecrows and Stone Guardians will not see you. If you don't have the rings as mentioned above or don't want to bother with them, you can still follow the same path; you wind up having to fight the first couple of Scarecrows, which shouldn't take long. Depending on your level of armor noise, you may attract the attention of a few enemies, but as long as you keep running, they won't get to you before you're well on your way down the elevator. One such attracted Stone Guardian may, depending on your speed, walk off a cliff as it tries to pursue you. Free souls!
  3. As you cross the bridge, Black Dragon Kalameet will appear briefly. The immediate area in the next section contains fewer enemies, but several deceptive gaps in the floor, so tread carefully. Once you are out in a more open space, you'll see two Stone Guardians along with two Scarecrows. Past them is a small building with an elevator.
  4. The boss door leading to Knight Artorias is down here, but first, go across the nearby bridge where Marvellous Chester is located. He will sell you items, and past him is a building where you can open a shortcut to the elevator near the beginning of the level.
  5. There are two other areas of note here, though neither contains anything of interest at the moment. One is a path leading downwards into a valley where you can eventually fight Black Dragon Kalameet (after you defeat Knight Artorias and speak to Hawkeye Gough above him). There's also another inactive elevator.

Summoning Tips

Since there are two bosses at the end of the Royal Wood, players that want to offer specific assistance sometimes try to put their summoning sign closer to the boss that they have more experience with. That means summoning signs nearer Knight Artorias' area are likely to offer help with him, while signs either near the elevator before you go down into the valley for Kalameet, or right in front of Kalameet's fog door, may be better suited for that boss.

However, summoned players should still be ready to help out for either. Even a little help may be enough to get the tail from Kalameet, or extra loot for the host.

If you don't care which boss you want to help out with, place your summon sign in the middle of that flat area at the top.

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