Scaling is the method the game uses to increase the player's AR and Magic Adjustment depending on the player's stats, which are used to determine the Damage of an attack. Within game files, the term Correct is used, with the appropriate stat for the relevant scaling following (e.g. Correct Strength).


  • Scaling is proportional to a weapon's AR without scaling. This refers to physical, magic, fire or lightning AR, the scaling for which are calculated separately. The values for all the upgrade levels of all weapons can be found on the individual pages.
  • Scaling with a specific stat is proportional to a specific multiplier, CorrectStatRate* / **WeaponUpgradeCorrection, which depends on the upgrade level and path. (All available from the parameters, in this sheet Columns J-M).
  • Scaling with a stat is proportional to a weapon and infusion specific UpgradeWeaponStat. For example, Claymore has a Strength and Dex UpgradeWeaponStat of 51 in both Strength and Dexterity, so the AR added from scaling with each of these stats, is a product with a factor 0.51. Values are for all infusions are noted on the page of any of the weapons.
  • Scaling for each stat is dependent on the value of that stat. This relation consists of four linear functions:

Below requirements scaling

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