Scarecrow (Plow)
Scarecrow with Plow
Scarecrow (Shears)
Scarecrow with Shears


Scarecrows that are serfs of the forest sanctuary. They are found wielding two different gardening tools that they use as weapons; shears and a plow. Appearing in the Royal Wood, they are believed to be ancient versions of the Demonic Foliage that roam the Darkroot Garden. After the fall of Oolacile, the Scarecrows no longer had any need to operate as servants and regressed into the wild as feral creatures.


Royal Wood
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 320 200
NG+ 501 400
NG+6 628 500


All drops are mutually exclusive



  • Quadruple poke - 4 digs in the ground. Short range.
  • Overhead Sweep - slow to wind up, smash down.
  • Long poke - pull back and poke with the plow.


  • Slow cut - pull back and cut at your neck
  • Quad cut - 4 quick chops at your head.




  • Very low poise. Any attack will stragger them.
  • Their attacks drain little stamina when blocked.
  • They blend into the forest extremely well. You may think you're pulling just one, but more can swarm you quickly. They also like to ambush you, dropping down from various locations.
  • The scary Stone Guardians will often notice fights, and pile in, so be careful.
  • They run pretty fast.



Due to their low poise, simply block the first attack and then swipe at them with a fire weapon. Even low level characters should dispatch them in 2-3 hits.


You might want to pull them with an arrow one by one, but watch for Stone Guardians taking note.

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