Serpent Mage
Serpent Mage


Half man, half cobra, with four arms quad-wielding spiral swords. They can do melee and ranged lightning attacks. In Sen's Fortress they make it difficult to navigate the small pathways while trying to avoid the swinging blades.


Sen's Fortress
At strategic locations inside the fortress. Mostly facing narrow bridges so that they can harass you while you're on the bridge.
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 290 500
NG+ 530 1,500
NG+6 663 1,875
The Duke's Archives
At the floor with the alarm mechanism (a floor above the Pisacas), with the two Serpent Soldiers.
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 362 2,000
NG+ 569 4,000
NG+6 711 5,000


Flamberge (2% drop rate)


  • Devour - a devastating attack that deals massive damage. The serpent mage raises her head and lashes forward to devour the player's head.
  • Lightning projectile - mostly used when at a distance. Throws lightning bolt at the player. Slow and easily avoided as long as you have room to dodge. Deals purely magic damage.
  • Attack frenzy - attack with all four weapons. Build up bleed when hit. Try to dodge, but can be deflected with a medium shield.
  • Spit attack- rare use and only if the player is at mid to close range.


Lightning, even though they themselves use lightning attacks. Note that though these appear as lightning, they do magic damage.



Rush them before they fire lightning bolts at you. Dodge their attacks, then hit hard with a lightning weapon. In New Game Plus, four quick stabs with a Lightning Spear +5 take these down. They stagger if you land enough attacks in a row.

Ranged (Bow & Arrow)

The size of their heads makes it easy to headshot them continuously and put them in a stun-lock until they die.

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