Shiva of the East
shiva of the east blighttown
Shiva is never alone


Shiva is the captain of a clan in the Forest Hunter. A collector of rare weapons, he's willing to sell some of his collection to the player for a cost. He hails from the East, as is his ninja bodyguard that's always with him. Although his bodyguard never speaks, he's always ready to act when Shiva is in danger.


Darkroot Garden
Near the ruins where Alvina is sitting in the window. You must be in the Forest Hunter covenant for him to appear. He'll tell you some background information on the Forest hunter covenant (Nothing that Alvina hasn't already mentioned). He won't sell you weapons until meet him in Blighttown.

His bodyguard is right behind him, in the little pocket between the cliff and the wall.

As a merchant. His location will be in the swamp, in front of the waterwheel elevator.

  • Player must still be in the Forest Hunter covenant.
  • Player must speak to Shiva in the forest before he will appear in Blighttown

His bodyguard is behind the wall where Shiva is leaning against.

Shiva of the east Blighttown location



Item Soul Cost Description
Flamberge 10,000 This weapon is designed to flay the skin and causes heavy bleeding
Stone Greatsword 15,000 The same magic which created the stone knights is imbued in the sword. Unleash this power by wielding the sword with two hands (Darkroot Garden Giant Stone Knights sword)
Demon Great Machete 10,000 The sword is imbued with no particular magic, but for those who have the strength, its weight will smash foes mercilessly
Shotel 10,000 Requires great skill to wield, but evades shield defence to sneak in damage
Uchigatana 5,000 The Uchigatana cuts beautifully and causes bleeding, but its blade is easily nicked
Washing Pole 20,000 The blade is extremely long, but as a result, quite easily broken
Demon's Greataxe 10,000 This axe is flashy, but can beat foes to a pulp with ease, provided you have the strength to wield it
Claw 5,000 Attacks cause bleeding, and the wounds inflicted are not easily mended. Preferred weapon of the spooks of an Eastern land
Demon's Spear 15,000 The weapon of these chaos demons wandering Anor Londo are different from those of other chaos demons, and are imbued with lightning
East Wood Grain Ring x1 10,000 Slows the loss of weapon durability, and is particularly useful to bearers of delicate swords crafted in the East.


Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 719 3,000
NG+ 1,215 9,000
NG+6 1,518 11,250
Shiva's Bodyguard
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 742 2,000
NG+ 1,253 6,000
NG+6 1,567 7,500




  • If you make him hostile either by breaking the covenant or by attacking him without getting him killed (or you lose), he will relocate to Darkroot Garden and attack you on sight. If you absolve your sin and rejoin the Forest Hunter, he'll be back in Blighttown.
    • However, kicking the ninja bodyguard off the cliff, then reloading the game and looting the Dark Wood Grain Ring will still make him hostile and break the covenant, but he will not relocate to Blighttown, even after absolving your sin and rejoining the covenant.
  • Shiva's ninja bodyguard will also occasionally use pyromancy like Fire Surge.
  • As with any other PvP situations in Darkroot Garden, Shiva and his bodyguard's entire costume can be used as a disguise by the host, which can sometimes fool the invading Dark Spirits. If you are one of these Dark Spirits and can't seem to find the host, try hitting every enemy here. As you're "allied" with the host's enemies, your attacks won't even connect with the real ones, but it will connect if it hits the host.


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