Sif, the Great Grey Wolf


Great Grey Wolf Sif is the wolf companion of Sir Artorias, the Abysswalker. After Artorias passed away, Sif became the guardian of Artorias' grave in the Darkroot Garden. He wields Artorias' Greatsword and uses some of his moves in combat.

A younger Sif appears in the additional content. He accompanied Artorias on his quest to save Oolacile from the forces of the Abyss. However, Artorias and Sif were overrun, and the former used his shield to erect a barrier around Sif to protect him before he became corrupted.


Darkroot Garden
After the second stone bridge, as the area boss. Opening the stone gate doesn't trigger the boss fight. You need to get close enough to the greatsword in the middle of the grave to trigger his boss fight.

Playthrough HP Souls
NG 3,432 40,000
NG+ 5,800 120,000
NG+6 7,250 150,000

Chasm of the Abyss
Behind an illusory wall at the Chasm of the Abyss. To find him, you must follow an illusion of what appears to be Alvina, until the illusion is standing next to a wall. Attack the wall and you will find Sif inside a protective barrier [image], surrounded by Humanity Phantoms. Defeat them, and Sif will disappear and leave behind the Cleansing Greatshield.

Chasm of the Abyss
As a summonable phantom. His soul sign is in the area boss arena on the lighter grey stone floor within the circle of pillars, about five steps left from your starting position after the cutscene. You must save him first for his soul sign to appear.



  • When down to the last segments of his health, he will start limping and become significantly less effective with the giant sword.
  • If you have not met Sif yet (i.e. triggering the boss fight) in the base game and received the Cleansing Greatshield from him (when playing the Additional Content), his introductory cutscene will change, with him now recognizing you as his savior and reluctantly choosing to fight. In each playthrough, you have to save him in the Additional Content before facing him in the base game for this to happen.
  • Attacking and killing Sif does not betray the Forest Hunter covenant.
  • Being summoned can prove difficult. Human players might get assaulted by players summoned by Alvina on their way to Sif.
  • If you have an Eye of Death active you will not be able to interact with the doorway to Sif.


  • Slashing damage
  • Fire
  • Bleeding

Attack Patterns

  • Two circular slashes: Sif will hold the sword straight in his mouth. Dodge/Roll backwards to be safe. Can be blocked if you have a very good shield (both attacks combined will cause a guard break with heavy damage on most players). If you time it right you can dodge/roll through the attacks towards Sif and attack him.
  • Jump slash backwards: Usually very powerful but can be blocked. Creates distance between Sif and the player, and thus is usually followed up by a Charge slash.
  • Charge slash: Sif uses this when at medium-long range. Either dodge or block it if you have a good shield. Can be followed by a Sword Slam.
  • Combo (3 moves): Slash from left to right, back, then a Sword Slam. Sif will stop the combo if the player is too far away.
  • Sword Slam (Used after Charge slash or as part of the Combo): Rears up and slams sword straight down in front of himself. Powerful attack with long reach, but easily dodged by moving to the side.
  • Hopping about. His paws can hit you as he jumps, but this does minimal damage. Still, if you're down to a sliver of life, it's something to consider.


  • Sif can get to you fast. Wait with your attacks and healing until one of his longwinded attacks miss.
  • Cornering Sif will provide more opportunities for attacks, but his jumping will become unpredictable, especially if he is on the uneven rubble around the entrance.
  • Depending on your stamina, an upgraded shield with high stability (For example a Hollow Soldier Shield +10) will allow you to block Sif's attacks.
  • Stay just out of Sif's range, bait out the 3 hit combo, and run under his belly and attack before the final vertical attack hits.


Vulnerable underbelly

As soon as you get the chance, rush below his belly. Try to stay between his four feet as his attacks might hit you if you don't. Turning off Auto Aim will prevent the Camera from spinning around when you are under him which will make navigating a lot easier.
Pyromancies like Combustion or Great Chaos Fireball can be used to soften him up as they might do more damage than your melee attacks.

Video Strategy

You can also play it safe and get a shield with high stability. Your best opportunity to run below him is after his circular double slash. Rush at him but keep your shield up in case he does the attack a second time. Once you are below him start attacking his legs but keep an eye on Sif's movements and your stamina. When you see him preparing another attack, raise your shield to be on the safe side. After a few attacks he will jump away. Raise your shield and turn towards him to block any incoming attack. Keep in mind to lower your shield after blocking his attacks to regenerate stamina faster.

Defensive alternative

Staying underneath Sif can provide dangerous with the wrong equipment and just one wrong step can lead to a one hit kill. Sif can frequently get in the way of your camera which can make navigating below him hard and it can be fatal if you can't track him fast enough when he jumps away from you. This leaves a safer, but far lengthier strategy as long as your shield and stamina is good enough to block his attacks besides the double-spin. Keep your shield up, stay locked on and weave in and out of his range.
Melee classes keep a good distance, he'll keep you spaced to the proper distance. You should almost always have your shield up. Getting backed into a corner isn't a huge concern, but it can happen, so be aware if you're getting really far away from the opposite wall. If he jumps behind you - and he's likely to several times - block in that direction in case he follows up with an attack.

  • When he double spin attacks, just back up to avoid either of them connecting.
  • When he charges up to you and delivers a powerful swing, he's going to most likely end it in a slam. To be safe as soon as the blow connects with your shield, release the block for a little bit to regain stamina, and move to the side and in towards his body. This should keep him from hitting you with the followup, letting you get in a few hits on him as he recovers from the attack.
  • When he does a random upward swing and flip, just block it and wait for the next attack.
  • When he swings right to left, he often goes into a swing to the right and then a slam. To counter this go up to him with your shield raised, avoiding the first attack by keeping your distance. There's a chance that he will swing again left to right, which you should be able to block with a decent shield. After it connects with your shield, go up to him, briefly lowering your shield to regain stamina. At this point he could do 1 of 2 things, either he'll re-grip his sword to the other side of his mouth, or he'll pause for a moment and slam down the sword. if he readjusts, take a swing at him, if he starts to raise the sword to do a slam, run up and get between his legs and start slashing at his inner legs. Do this as long as possible until he jumps away or you get separated from his underside. At this point you need to get away from him, in case he does his double-spin.

Shield Tank Strategy

With 40+ Endurance and any shield with 74+ stability (For example, the Black Knight Shield +5) you can block all attacks, even the double circle slash. All you have to do is block whenever Sif attacks and walk towards him until you are under him or he jumps on top of you, then just get a hit or two in and wait for him to jump away. Repeat until victory. Note that while the Cloranthy Ring is not needed, it does help greatly. Using Black Iron Greatshield +5, Cloranthy Ring and 21 Endurance, blocking the whole the double-spin attack is barely possible, just remember to keep lowering your shield between his attacks to recharge your stamina.

Armor Tank Strategy

  • Equip Havel's Ring and the Stone Set
  • Stay under his nose and hit him with your weapon while making sure to maintain enough energy to block some of his attacks.

Belly Strategy

  • This strategy may take a while to master and it's very important to have enough health to survive one of his attacks.
  • You have to time his attacks, so you will be able to roll and escape from them.
  • You need to keep a mid-range distance from him, and after a double spin blade attack you roll forward to under his belly where you will be safe to attack.
  • The left to right to left attack is followed by a up-down attack, stay out of its range, and, before the up-down you can run to under his belly.
  • The back flip attack doesn't expose him, so you can roll backward or defend it. You will have time to heal yourself if needed.

No Shield Strategy


Iron Flesh Strategy

Put on your heaviest armor (Stone Armor or Havel's Armor preferably, plus the Ring of Steel Protection if you have it), and then keep Iron Flesh active throughout the fight. You may wish to equip Havel's Ring in your second ring slot so that you can move away once Iron Flesh runs out, to reapply it.

He'll barely be able to damage you. His attacks won't stagger you and they will also take much less stamina to block. Your slow movement speed won't matter, as you don't need to move or dodge. Just soak up the hits while hitting back, or block and then counter-attack if you wish. If you have other Pyro spells, simply hurl fireballs at his face to make it even easier - his attacks won't be able to interrupt your spells. Iron Flesh makes this fight a cakewalk.

Safe But Slow

This strategy is designed for characters with low stamina/blocking capability and capitalizes on a weakness of one of Sif's moves in particular.

When the battle begins, keep Sif ahead of you and bait him into attacking but stay far enough away to easily avoid his swings without needing to block. In particular, watch for his three-swing combo which is one swing across, a separate swing back in the other direction, and then a slam. When he makes the first swing of this combo, move forward to bait him into the second swing. Right as he is finishing the second swing, run towards him at a full sprint. Ideally, start running when the swing is halfway through its arc and it is fully extended towards you. An overwhelming majority of the time, he will rear up on two legs to finish the three-swing combo with a slam if you are within range. By running forward, you will end up directly beneath him when he slams the sword down. He may dart away right after, but even if he does, you'll have enough time for one or two hits at least. If he doesn't immediately jump back, hack away until he does jump away, then rinse and repeat.

Extremely slow, as it relies on baiting one particular attack out of his many, but it's the safest method I've found to kill him as it eliminates all risk of approaching close enough to get a hit in. If you get comfortable enough with baiting his attacks to not need to block, you can two-hand a weapon to make things go a bit faster.


Ranged Strategy

  • Do everything you can to keep yourself out of the range of the sword, but still within target lock range.
  • Keeping a lock on the wolf and fire an arrow whenever it jumps back, or after it starts to swing. Get one, maybe two shots off before being ready to move again. The double circular swing gives you your widest window for tossing long-range damage at him.
  • Don't get greedy! This is a tactic for those who are having difficulty doing any significant damage in melee range and can't get the strategy up above to work.

Suicide Bow Strategy

Just walk into the Boss area and get killed by Sif. Run back to the fog and and before you enter.. turn left. There you will see a destroyed wall that slopes upwards, jump on it and start shooting on him. Your vision may be obscured by some leaves, just shoot arrows through it. You can also poison him from here. this video

Safe spot Strategy

If you run all the way back to the fog gate and perform a jump to its left, you can get out of the fighting arena and attack Sif from a point where his attacks can't reach you. See this video for details.
Note: Sif's behavior may not be ideal using this method. Retry for success.

Caster Strategy

  • Keep some distance between you and Sif. You have the added benefit of having your shield ready and waiting to block. Stand in lock-on range and wait for Sif to make the first move. Have your shield held up and backpedal once he initiates. Once he gives you an opening, launch whatever kind of spell you think you can get away with. A good way to make sure you are out of his range is to simply let he attack. Remember to not get "cornered" and hit by his spinning slash, because if he doesn't kill you outright with it, he will often follow up with a side slash and finish you off as you're standing up. Works with Firebombs too.
  • The general procedure is something along this line: bait his attacks by getting close, then immediately back off (by rolling - if you want to be on the safe side) when he starts his attack animation, while casting spell at the same time (since you continue to walk while casting; you only stop walking shortly before the spell fires). Keep weaving in and out of his range, and you might not have to block any of his attacks for the entire fight (although a shield would be of great help in the rare case where you have your back against a wall - or you can just roll through his slashes to get underneath or away from him).
  • Most of Sif's attacks can be recognized early. The fastest move is probably the running uppercut slash, which might not give you enough time to react. Keeping target-lock on Sif helps make sure spells hit him, but otherwise toggling off target-lock makes moving around much easier and more effective (especially when you are underneath his belly).
  • Soul Spear is a powerful sorcery. On NG, if you can cast Soul Spear at this point (36 INT), it makes the fight much, much easier. This is likely to be the case if you are going for an INT build (INT much higher than other stats), unless you get to Sif too early. He is one of those bosses whom you can face either very early, or very late.
  • If you have Dark Bead from the Additional Content: getting underneath Sif helps make sure the entire Dark Bead spell hits him, dealing massive damage (assuming your INT is high - around 36, the point where you can cast Soul Spear - of course it does not need to be that high for Dark Bead to be damaging).
  • Homing Soulmass tends to miss due to Sif jumping around constantly. Extra timing/positioning is needed when using Homing Soulmass (or Homing Crystal Soulmass or Pursuers).
  • If you have decent INT and low STR/DEX and want additional damage output from weapons, consider a Magic/Enchanted weapon. These upgrade paths are generally the earliest accessible in the game. For a more dedicated INT build, sorceries alone should suffice.
  • When combined with items that boost sorceries such as the Crown of Dusk, the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring, the Red Tearstone Ring, or the Crown of the Dark Sun, sorceries will be able to deal extremely high amounts of damage, and Sif can be brought down very quickly, even in a matter of seconds (and not just him, but pretty much any boss in the game).
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