Silver Pendant


In Game Description

One of the ancient treasures of Anor Londo.
Presented to Artorias for facing the Abyss.

Effectively deflects the Dark of the Abyss,
especially in its magic forms.


Oolacile Township treasure

  1. After the first Bloathead Sorcerer, turn right and keep going down the path until you see a wooden ledge below with a corpse. Roll down onto it.
  2. Follow the ledge around the tower and drop down.
  3. Follow this ledge and you will come across a message saying 'Let there be light'.
  4. Cast Light, the Skull Lantern, or the Sunlight Maggot will remove the invisible wall.


Cast a protective dome that deflects Dark Sorcery, but has a very short active period (maybe three seconds). Infinite uses.

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