Skull Lantern
Skull Lantern

In Game Description

Skull Lantern of the Catacombs necromancer.
Droops from his long beard locks.

This lantern alights the Tomb of the Giants,
Nito's light-devouring domain of death.
Also serves as a fire damage strike weapon.


  • Treasure from a corpse in the Tomb of the Giants, at the bottom of the pit where Patches kicks you into. You can also manually drop down past the Prism Stones to get into the pit.
  • Drop from Necromancers (2% drop rate)

General Information

As long as it's held up (equip in left hand and hold the block button), it activates a light aura effect similar to Cast Light.
Image Name Damage Critical Durability Weight Stats Needed
Stat Bonuses
Reduction %
Stability Aux Effects Frampt Souls
2KKf29w.png Skull Lantern 30/0/75/0/
100 60 0.5 5/0/0/0
26/8/20/20 16 0/0/-/- 100


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