Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring

slumbering dragoncrest ring

In Game Description

This ring was secretly worn by a certain
surreptitious sorcerer at Vinheim Dragon

The ring is engraved with an everlasting
dragon in silent slumber, and masks all
sound emitting from its wearer.


  • Treasure from a corpse in Sen's Fortress
    1. Once you reach the stone launching mechanism, direct the plunger to shoot the balls into the open window shoot.
    2. If you are facing the entrance of Sen's Fortress with your back to the open window shoot, head down the ball path to your right.
    3. As you head down the first ramp, jump off to the right before the broken pillar and land on some wooden boards.
    4. Kill the Serpent Mage and head away from the ramp you jumped off through an opening the size of a doorway.
    5. Drop down and turn to your left to collect the ring dangling off the edge.


Silences all wearer's movements


This ring basically gives a permanent Hush effect
Wearing this ring with Cloranthy Ring will make the Hush bubbles invisible

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