Snow Rat
Snow Rat


Their behavior is identical to the Small Undead Rat, but they are white, have slightly more HP, and inflict Toxic instead of Poison.


Painted World of Ariamis

Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 237 400
NG+ 372 800
NG+6 466 1,000


Humanity - uncommon


  • Biting attack - Basic attack, swinging its head against the player. Toxic buildup on hit. The toxin's HP loss rate is 7 HP/seconds.
  • Standing attack - Will get up on it's back-feet and kind of drop down with it's paws. Also builds up Toxic on hit.
  • Headbutt - Used as a quick stagger if you're nearby.
  • Leap - Used if player is within medium range, extended version of the headbutt.


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