If you want to use magic as your primary offensive tool, then the sorcerer is the best class to begin with. The Soul Arrow will be your primary source of damage early in the game, and with 30 uses it makes the game very simple. Due to the sorcerer's high attunement both sorcery and pyromancy are viable early on. Using physical weapons will be a struggle, though, so you’ll be limited to your dagger unless you spend points on strength. The sorcerer's dexterity is decent, so using spears is also an option. This can provide you with a fallback at times when enemies are resistant to your magic. Early on the sorcerer is easy to play but very unforgiving, and gets difficult during the mid-game. It pays off later on once you obtain access to higher-end spells and catalysts.

Preferable Use

  • Uses ranged spells.
  • Spells do magic damage, ignoring physical armor, so enemies can't usually block it.
  • Can carry multiple spells.
  • Can invest in dexterity.
  • Is a fast class.
  • Can level up more than any other class.

Skill recommendation: 7/10

Starting Equipment

Starting Spells

Soul Arrow

Starting Stats

Level Vitality Attunement Endurance Strength Dexterity Resistance Intelligence Faith Humanity
3 8 15 8 9 11 8 15 8 0

Sorcerer max level is 713, the highest max level of all the classes.


  • If you plan on being primarily a caster, then focus on getting your attunement up and increasing your intelligence. Attunement will be necessary to carry multiple spells, and intelligence will increase the damage sorceries or intelligence-based weapons do.
  • For PvP, consider increasing your dexterity as it increases the casting speed of sorceries, miracles and pyromancies. Due to the fact that casting speed will see practically no increase until dexterity is at 45 points (35 for slow-cast spells), this isn't recommended for PvE.
  • If you have the DLC, you can get more strength for the abyss sorceries.
  • The Dagger is sufficient until you proceed to Blighttown. From this point you will almost solely need to rely on your sorceries or use a weapon such as the Morning Star. Once you reach Sen's Fortress you can pick up the Lightning Spear which will see you through to getting the weapon of your choice.
  • In the mid to late game, it is recommended going for the Moonlight Greatsword (acquired from Seath the Scaleless in The Duke's Archives) which not only scales with intelligence but also possesses incredible magic-based special attacks (Moonlight Wave). Alternatively, you can upgrade a weapon of your choice (such as a Longsword) to Magic +10 / Enchanted +5 to scale with intelligence, or use a weapon with innate intelligence scaling such as Velka's Rapier.
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