Soul of a Brave Warrior


In Game Description

Soul of a brave Undead warrior
who has long ago gone Hollow.

Use to acquire a large amount of souls.

Souls are the source of all life,
and whether Undead, or even Hollow,
one continues to seek them.


Provides 5,000 souls when consumed


  • Darkroot Garden x1
    • In the forest area, in the valley between the two long ladders leading to the basin
  • Lost Izalith x3
    • In the lava area with the Bounding Demons, at the end of the first branch path entering the area
    • In the lava area with the Bounding Demons, on a patch of land near the central structure
    • In the poison pit.
  • The Duke's Archives x2
    • Underneath the staircase in the first grand hall
    • In the prison tower, on the drop-down path through the locked door in the bonfire room
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